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Have you seen the newest app for iPhone and iPad? The one where you get to watch TV and earn points? Yup, you knew I’d find something like this as soon as it came out!

It’s called VIGGLE. You can get it through iTunes FOR FREE.

Here’s the deal, you watch your favorite shows with Viggle. No, not on your phone or tablet!!!! You watch your TV, the CHECK IN with a simple tap and start racking up Viggle points with every show you watch.

Then you REDEEM the points and get rewards like movie tickets, gift cards and music. If you’re a huge couch potato, you’ll get a lot more!


  • What’s On: You can see what shows are hot and where you can get extra Viggle points, set show reminders and get detailed show info.
  • Check In: Viggle AUTOMATICALLY checks you into what you’re watching with a SIMPLE TAP.
  • Rewards: Redeem points in the Rewards catalog.
  • Latest Chatter: Share your check-ins and let your friends know what you’re watching on, you guessed it, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Extras: Play games, watch videos and take quizzes and polls to rack up more points.

Is it perfect? No. It will take a while to earn points, but you earn them in a PASSIVE way. You just sit, watch TV and tap your iPhone app, or iPad app to start earning. And it’s only available for iPhone and iPad. Droid people, we’re out of luck.

I’m sure, at some point, it’ll make it to other platforms. For  now, ENJOY your new FREE app, my friends! Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Arthur Fonzarelli says

    This is actually pretty intriguing. I clicked on this site thinking that it was another way to try and watch TV on the iPad, but this sounds interesting. I’m going to have to download this on my iPad when I get home, I forgot it today . Since we were on the subject, I can’t find anything better than the DISH Remote Access app, I can stream any and all of my channels straight to my iPad whenever and wherever I may be. In fact, I was going to stream some of the science shows I recorded here at the library, but since I forgot it at home, I’m stuck searching the internet. I digress, I’d really suggest to check out the DISH Remote Access, working for DISH I know that they’re offering this with no monthly charge.

  2. Jen Geib says

    What? No way, this is too good to be true!! But it is! I am getting paid to watch tv, answer trivia and watch tv and movie trailers. Thanks to Viggle- the first app of its kind to offer real rewards for watching TV!

    This app is currently available for FREE for iphone and ipad. According to their facebook page, they will be available on the Android platform in about a month. I would download this app ASAP before they start to charge for it.

    It is VERY easy to use. Turn on your tv, start up the app and tap once and it will pick up what show you are watching (as long as you are tuned into one of the 100 stations they are partnered with-they are adding more as well). When the show is over you will be credited your points (sometimes the point crediting is a bit delayed, but you will get them!)

    You can check into as many shows as you want- but you will only earn 120 points per hour. Each show is worth a different amount of points. Interesting fact- American Idol offers the most points at 400 a pop! Why is this? Viggle app creator is Robert Sillerman who once owend a big stake in American Idol!

    If you want to rack up points quickly make sure you tap on the bonus points- anywhere from a 30 second commercial to a 2:30 min tv or movie promo-which will give you 30 or 100 points respectively. There is also trivia that if you answer correctly you get 15 points per answer. The bonus material is found under Featured shows. Featured Shows are the ones with the highest points for check in- ranging from 200 points to the 400 points for American Idol. As an extra bonus, if you invite your friends you get an extra 200 points for every friend that signs up and checks in!

    Right now you only need 4000 points to cash in for a $5 Amazon gift card- which they email to you right away! Other rewards include Starbucks, iTunes, huluplus, Sephora, Fandango, BestBuy, Papa Johns, Old Navy, CVS, Banana Republic, Score Big, 100,000 points will get you an iPod Shuffle, Hot Topic, Gap, Chilis, 175,000 points gets you a Kindle, or you can donate to Boys & Girls Club of America or Covenant House. I’m sure they will be adding more as they continue to grow.

    Of course nothing is perfect and being so new there are definately a few glitches, but if you contact them they offer speedy responses! There is a built in “contact us” link in the app, and they also have a facebook page that they have been active on.

    I downloaded the App Thursday afternoon and I have already accumulated 23,434 points! I have checked into 23 shows, but most of my points have come from the bonus material.

    All in all, this app shows promise to be something great, I am glad I got in on it and hope to see bigger and better things to come! What are you waiting for?!

    • says

      Guess who can use Viggle now! Husband got me a new iPad for my birthday, SO COOL. The first app I downloaded? Viggle. Was able to check in with Fringe and The Finder. LOVE IT!