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Cash is important. It’s what makes the world go ’round. It drives most of us to get up in the morning, and haul our cookies to work, and put up with un-ending bullshit from our bosses, co-workers, and staff. I can’t say you’ll become a millionaire by earning cash online at a variety of sites, but it is nice to have a couple extra bucks each month for “fun stuff.”

What’s fun stuff? Well, that’s kind of mutually exclusive to your personality. Personally, I enjoy getting my toes pampered. You might just like to drink a coffee, in silence. So, here’s another easy way to earn cash online. It’s called Send Earnings. 

What is SendEarnings?

It’s another online cash earning website. You do simple things to earn cash, it builds up, you cash out, and you are sent the money you earned.

How do I earn with SendEarnings?

  1. You have to sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT. Not only is the account free, but use my referral link and you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up. Sweet way to get your account going, for sure. Here’s the link –> SIGN UP TO EARN FREE CASH ***Use a designated email, one that you use for all your other point earning, and cash earning websites. Makes it a lot easier when all of these are in one email, instead of coming through your personal account where friends and family connect with you.
  2. Head to the MY ACCOUNT tab, click on My Profile on the drop down menu. Once there, make sure you fill that info out, and click on the subscriptions for PAID EMAILS to be sent to you.
  3. Every day, click on all the paid emails that are sent to your email, if you don’t see any, head to the site and look at the top right of your homepage, it shows Emails there. Click on it, they should be in there, too.
  4. Do a web search. You may not earn every single time you search, but if you don’t do it, you won’t ever win cash, soooooo, DO IT. You can earn up to $.15 per day.
  5. If you like to do surveys, and have luck with them, head over and do a survey.
  6. You’ll see on the homepage, there’s a tab with the words My List. Each day, you’ll have a few items on the list that if you complete, you’ll earn a bonus of $.50. Pretty cool, I just earned mine, so that’s snazzy.
  7. Look at the Easy Cash tab. It shows you the free deals that can score you more cash, lets you know about a few other ways to make easy cash.
  8. REFER PEOPLE!!!!! This is the most passive way you can earn with any site. Share it, people love it, you earn cash for it. Just like I am sharing with you, you can share with others. You don’t have to have a blog, you can do it on FB, or Twitter, or through emails. Just refer!!!! You earn 10% of all of their qualified earnings.
  9. SHOP: You can also get cash back for shopping through the site. Also a super fast way to earn cash back, but to me, that’s not a “free cash” kind of thing. I like to spend minimal time earning the cash, and cash out when I get to $30.00, without shopping through the site. For that, I use cash rebate sites……which I’ll be touching upon at a later date!

SendEarnings isn’t going to make you rich, I know, but it’s going to help supplement that extremely tight budget. Perhaps give you a little mad money to use however you want, doesn’t even get mentioned to anyone else in the house! Head to a movie one afternoon, ALONE, and tell the significant other you have to run errands, the kids are staying home.

Preserve your sanity with free cash!!!


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