Gyms without personality, and heart, have no place in my world. Joining a gym isn’t something I’ve ever considered doing, because most gyms are just about making money by supplying fitness equipment to the masses. Training is scarce, and many times the training is being done by trainers who have hardly any certification. Have you been to a Crossfit in your neighborhood? You know why there are so many popping up all over the area? It takes one weekend to become certified as a Crossfit trainer. One weekend, and then you can be a Crossfit trainer. Hmmmm, I think I’ll pass on all of it. No gym has been opened up on Long Island that has sparked my interest in joining…until now. I’m happy to say that Athlete House NY has arrived on Long Island.

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Athlete House NY has arrived on Long Island

What’s Athlete House NY? Simple answer? It’s a gym. It offers TRX, Bootcamp, Krav Maga, MetCon and so much more. Even better, the instructors and trainers are highly certified. Athlete House NY is packed with the cream of the crop of trainers, because the owner takes fitness seriously. Scratch that, he doesn’t take fitness seriously, he takes proper technique seriously. Form and technique are top priorities in every program offered. Athlete House NY trainers will stop you when they see you “doing it wrong.” Every last trainer believes no one benefits from doing movements wrong, and because of the class sizes, each trainer can focus on watching form, technique and movements. It may not be a “personal trainer,” but it’s pretty close!

As someone who doesn’t work out often enough, I was skeptical about having a variety of fitness levels in one class. Let’s say I’m the beginner in a TRX class, and right next to me is someone who has been doing this for 5 years, how are both of us going to benefit from the same class? It all lies in class sizes! No class will have more than 15 people working out in one class. Oh, and please, if you think you’re not “fit” enough, that’s not going to fly at Athlete House NY. Every level of fitness is not just welcomed at the gym, but WANTED. There’s nothing the trainers love more than working with all fitness levels, and having it all happen in one class doesn’t phase any of them. AT ALL.

All of this is great. Trainers are highly skilled, certifications are had by all, and all levels are welcome. Awesome. So, are you asking yourself “what makes Athlete House NY unique?” What’s so great about this gym? It’s the owner, Long Island native, Brian, and his exceptional trainers. Brian’s gym isn’t a simple gym, it’s a family. It’s his “pride.”

It’s a family, a pride, a second home

A family is only as good as ALL of its parts. All the pieces have to work together to make a place feel like a second home. Athlete House NY will feel like your second home. The loyalty between the owner, his trainers, and the members, can be felt the moment you walk in the door. Brian has spent years as a fitness trainer, and has worked out at a variety of gyms, and even some Crossfits. Something has always been missing through the years: putting the members first.

Brian calls those who are a part of Athlete House NY, his Pride. Being welcomed into The Pride means you’re fitness, and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, is now his first priority. Brian’s Pride is no joke. He wants his members to not just reach their health, and fitness goals, but also feel like they are part of something bigger. It’s a social group. People working together to achieve their full potentials. No one is in this alone at Athlete House NY. Brian’s Pride is provided with the best trainers, the best classes, and a truly “non gym” atmosphere.

There’s no treadmill, but there’s a rope to climb. You won’t find an elliptical machine, but you’ll be able to work on monkey bars. If you think you’re picking up weights without proper techniques, you’re mistaken. Athlete House NY – find a way to get to one of the complimentary classes.



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