Celebrating Labor Day 2015 in style

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It might be a day to celebrate the hard workers of the world, but it’s also a day to show off your fashion style! We’re celebrating Labor Day 2015 in style! Since we’re traveling on this particular special day, after a fun-filled trip with Family Forward, we’re going to be wearing comfy clothes to make our flight from Orlando to New York enjoyable! However, it doesn’t mean everyone’s going to be wearing airplane friendly clothing!

If you’re heading to some parties, backyard BBQs, or just a day with friends on the high seas, I’ve got great ideas to help keep you comfortable! Plus, look fantastic! I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to be comfortable, but still look festive! Plus, if you’re into wearing white, it’s the perfect day to go all out. It’s usually a fairly hot and sunny day each year, and white will help keep the sun reflecting off of you, and onto everyone else!

Grab your favorite adult beverage of choice, kick back, and enjoy the festivities, parades and fun all day long. Enjoy your celebrations everyone!

Celebrating Labor Day 2015 in style

Labor Day 2015 - Off-Shoulder Blouse


Labor Day Watercolor Dress


Red & Blue for Labor Day 2015


Denim Jumpsuit with Red Accents for Labor Day


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