When someone wishes to shop, she needs a way to pay for the items she’s shopping for. I know I’m writing “she,” but it goes for all the “he” people out there, too! What does one do when they need to earn to shop? Well, they come to November Sunflower to figure out fun, and free ways to earn points on websites. The points can be turned into gift cards, or even cash. Say what now? Earn points doing fun stuff, then turn these magical points into gift cards, and cash?

But wait, there’s more….there’s websites you can earn straight cash with. Yup, no point earning, just bring in the cash.

It’s like a magical world where money grows on trees in your backyard……

Earn to shop

Many people stress about making enough money to pay for all of life’s simple pleasures, along with the bills. It’s just the way the world works. In order to buy the things we love, we must earn the money to pay for these items we desire. I get it. I’m the same way, because I’m HUMAN. I like pretty things, sparkly things, and office supplies. Yes, I know. You were expecting me to say shoes, right? Wrong. I love nothing more than going from a jewelry store, to an office supply store. Both places bring me a lot of joy. Strange, but true.

Once I left the corporate world, and we dropped from two solid incomes to one rather low income, I had to find a way to still be able to procure pretty things, sparkly things, and yes, those office supplies I yearned for. All I found around the internet were coupon sites, or sites teaching people how to coupon. It didn’t appeal to me. I kept searching…..and what I found were websites allowing me to earn points doing fun stuff, like watching movie trailers, and trading those points in for gift cards to my favorite stores. Even better, as time went on, the points could be traded in for PayPal cash. Say what now? Yes, you read that correctly.

What’s better than earning points that can be turned into cash? Earning actual cash. The more I explored the internet, I found amazing new discoveries. Websites where I could do fun stuff, or boring stuff, and earn cash. Amazing, right?!!! I couldn’t believe it!

Guess what? All of this fabulous-ness can be found on the navigation bar above. Hover over the word Earn, and you’ll see a drop down box appear. Get started checking out my favorite spots to earn points, and trade them in for cold hard cash!

Now that’s a way to earn to shop!