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My shopping trips always start with cash rebate sites. I go through my favorites, and see where I can get the best cash back, free shipping, and a great coupon that works TOGETHER with the cash rebate website. With so many cash rebate sites out there these days, I tried to narrow down the ones I’ve always had great experiences with. FatWallet.com is fantastic, and a must on your list of go-to cash back shopping sites!

What sets it apart is the Forum. The forum is where millions of shoppers share hot deals, and can chat about finances in the finance forum. There’s a place in MY ACCOUNT, where you can sign up for alerts to the forum, so you won’t miss anything! It’s rather helpful during the holidays, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. All the savvy shoppers are helping each other out with all their shopping finds, and advice!

Let’s fatten your wallet with FatWallet.com, shall we??!!!

Sign Up

As with all good cash rebate sites, this one is free to sign up with. You can even sign in with Facebook, so it’s one less sign on to memorize! However, you want to do it, make sure you use my referral link to sign up with FatWallet.com. Why? Because it’s a fantastic way to earn extra cash. When you refer people to the site, you can earn $5 per person once they make a qualifying purchase. What does this mean? Simply put: they sign up, shop through FatWallet at their favorite store, and you make the $5 bonus.

You can email your referral link, hook yourself up to your Facebook and start sharing your link, slap a button or referral link on your website/blog. However you want to do it, go ahead and get it done. Just remember, this is the only time you make anything on your referrals. There’s no LIFETIME earnings with this cash back site. It’s kind of a downer, but not every site can be awesome in EVERY aspect!

When you’ve signed up, I highly recommend heading to the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS tab under MY ACCOUNT. You can sign up for site-wide sales emails, daily emails with customized deals & coupons, 2X! cash back alerts (a different store each day does 2 times the cash back percentage for the day,) personal shopping offers emails, hot deals forum emails, Black Friday alerts, holiday deals, and blog updates.

My favorite ones are the 2X! cash back, the personal shopping offers, and when Black Friday comes around, I sign up for those alerts, too.


Once you’re signed up, you can start shopping. Head to the Cash Back Stores tab on the home page, and you can start looking for your favorite stores sorted alphabetically, or hit the categories list down the left side of the page. It shows the cash back amount, and have a shop now button to make it easy to start shopping. Plus, you can also see the coupons being offered at each store on the list.

I like to head to the Cash Back Sales and 2X! Stores of the Day tabs. The Cash Back Sales tab lists out the stores with the best deals offering extra cash back. It shows how much the cash back percentage was, and how much it is now during this limited time only! Whereas the 2X! tab displays the fantastic store offering TWICE the cash back for just ONE DAY. It has a whole page showing their offers, free shipping, and codes. It’s a one stop shop for that particular store for the day! Good stores, too. The other day it was Land’s End.

If you’re more inclined to check out the best coupons, and start your shopping trip with a specific coupon, head to the Coupons tab. It will show you a listing of all the coupons available with FatWallet.com and their partner stores. You can also search for Free Shipping, percentage off, money off, and more.

You don’t want to deal with coupon codes? Head to the Sales tab, and check out all the offers for free shipping, money off, and more. However, if you ware looking for a specific product, I’d head to the Product Deals tab. It lists out specific products and the awesome deals available to score them for less!

Finally, they also have Daily Deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, and AmazonLocal. Buy your deal, earn cash back. Pure awesome.

Added bonus? You can earn up to 3% shopping with Amazon.com. However, it is only available in the Jewelry and Watches departments. At least it’s something, right?

Get Paid

You’ve shopped, shared, and have earned cash for your wallet. Now what? Get paid my friends, get paid! Good thing about this site, you can get paid via PayPal, without being charged any fees, or if you wish, by check. You have choices. Downer? You have to earn at least $10 to request your payment. I know, it kind of stinks, but at least you can request it whenever you want! It can take up to two weeks to receive the payment, but still, it’s better than waiting 3 months, right?

All you have to do is head to MY ACCOUNT, make sure you have yourself set up with your preferred payment method under MY PROFILE. Then head to MY CASH BACK. Scroll down to Payments, and you will see a Request a Payment button. You can also add, or edit, a payment address.

Simple to use, great way to earn cash back, and get paid when you hit $10 instead of having to wait months to be paid. The Forum is where it’s at, though. Lots of smart shoppers in one place, helping each other out.


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