Fitness reinvented with style: Jawbone UP2 and UP3

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Growing up, most of us probably ate all the wrong things. Our parents smoked around us, we weren’t in car seats, and instead of seat belts, we slid around in the backseats of our family cars. All crazy things we’re lucky to have survived, right? The one thing we DID do right? Playing outside. We walked to places, or rode our bikes around the neighborhood. Television was a luxury we received right before bed, so we could watch The Muppet Show. It was rare to see kids doing anything other than playing, and being active. We lost it someplace. Perhaps it was when Corporate American came calling, and demanded we spend our days at our desks, in front of computer screens? Who knows, but the amount of activity in our lives decreased, for sure.

Reclaiming fitness

All of a sudden, everyone was talking about working out, eating healthy and toxins. While I was still jamming nitrate filled hot dogs into my mouth, the world around me starting to shift towards eating whole foods, and never touching anything from “a package.” I looked into it, I found what worked for me, and went for the healthier lifestyle. Eating the right foods, and cleansing, became the norm in my life.

However, something was still missing. Being active. Healthy food choices are a great start, but people still need to get active. A wellness coach asked me how often I worked out, or was active, during the day. I had no clue. Instead of chastising me, she sent me a tracker to wear on my wrist. It was great, but it was not pretty. Plus, I had to remember to tap it a certain way to track my sleep. I couldn’t wear it all the time, because it was not stylish and clashed with “business clothes.” Heck, if I’m going to be walking through Manhattan, instead of taking the subway, I better be able to track those steps! I had points to earn towards buying awesome stuff at the store! I needed a sleeker looking tracker, and one that would do a little more work checking out my heart health!

Fitness reinvented with style: Jawbone UP2 and UP3

In order to take full advantage of health tracking, a thinner, sleeker and more stylish piece of arm candy had to be incorporated into the fitness regime. Best Buy Jawbone offers the Jawbone UP2, which totally has the sleeker style, plus it has an activity tracker, sleep tracker, food logging option and the Smart Coach. It’s got a good appeal, but it doesn’t have everything I wanted.


Anyone just starting out, the Jawbone UP2 would be awesome, but for anyone who wants to make the leap from the “start-up” phase, to the full-on advanced tracking of your activities, sleep, and heart health, it’s the Jawbone UP3 that has to be on your wrist. It doesn’t come in the pretty light gray, but it does come in black, which also goes with everything!

Jawbone UP3 #bestbuy #jawbone #fitness #ad

The sensors on the Jawbone UP3 are what make it more advanced, and accurate. All the technology is advanced, and can track true sleep patterns: REM, Light, and Deep cycles. Even better? It’ll have Smart Coach give suggestions on how to maximize sleep!

What’s the biggest benefit to those who want to focus on improving heart health? The same advanced sensors, helping to track, and improve, your sleep, will also measure resistance of tissue and blood flow in your wrist, so it can automatically track your resting heart rate. It’ll use that information to help improve your heart health.

All of the good logging, and advanced tracking, will only improve the Smart Coach’s suggestions for improving your health, and my health, and everyone’s health! Jawbone works with not just iOS, but also Android, and can wirelessly sync with both systems.

Go learn more about Jawbone UP2 and UP3 at Best Buy!!! Now’s as good a time as any to improve your health, and fitness.

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