Frugal Meals: Getting Started with Menu Planning by Northern Cheap$kate

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We all know I’m new to the cooking for my family experience. I do not enjoy cooking, it’s not something I’m excited to do each day, so a lot of our meals were pre-packaged meals from Tyson. And of course, the old stand by, macaroni/pasta. However, I’m trying hard to figure out a way to be a more healthy meal maker, along with saving money and of course, saving time. The last thing I want to be doing is hanging in the kitchen, cooking. I’d rather chew my arm off.

When I find a great post about meal planning, or a great recipe, I ask my fellow bloggers if I can share the post with my readers. I’ve found a great post about Menu Planning from Christine at Northern Cheap$kate. Why do I love this post? She gets that people do not LOVE doing it and gives a lot of resources for finding recipes that cost less, plus a lot for the CROCKPOT!!!!!!

Please, check out how Christine tackles menu planning right here –> Menu Planning, $5 Meals and Crockpot Recipes

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