Growing Up McGhee on UPtv premieres June 8th

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Six Kindergarten aged kids + Two parents = Growing Up McGhee. Get ready, these little walking, talking tornadoes are all five years of age, and taking on Kindergarten, water parks, flower shops, and basically, the world! I don’t know how Ro and Mia McGhee do it, but they keep their tempers in check no matter what mischief these six get into. I hardly keep my temper with just two kids, and I’ve only got one boy who gets into trouble at least fifty times a day.

Growing Up McGhee on UPtv [ad]

Growing Up McGhee on UPtv premieres June 8th

Seriously, I don’t know how they do it. Sure, they get some help from Grandma, no doubt. However, with just two kids, I lose my “stuff” all the time. I lose it over simple things, too. Sneakers, or flip flops, being left in the living room; clothes being left out instead of put away, after laundry has been done; food crumbs all over the house; and, just about every, little thing. Six kids? All the same age? Five is a great age, but for me, it was great that it was separated by two years. I tackled the age of 5 with my daughter, recovered, then tackled the age of 5 with my son two years later.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Mia and Ro handle themselves in every situation, including all of life’s teachable moments. Perhaps I’ll learn a few things! Mostly, I’m just looking forward to seeing an extremely close, and loving family, go through the process of “growing up.” It’s going to be fun!

The first episodes air on June 8th. Two half an hour episodes, back-to-back, on UPtv. I’ve got Verizon FiOS, so I’ll be tuned into channel 738 Wednesday, at 9pm Eastern Time. Kids will be planted next to me, because my kids are still up at that time. See, right there, super bad parenting at its finest, right? Two kids, up late, watching television with mom! But it’s worth it, I think this show, even though it’s reality television, will be a lot of fun, family entertainment.

Check your local listings to see which channel UPtv is, and add Growing Up McGhee’s debut to your calendar! You’ll want to be a part of the first episodes on June 8th!

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