Frugal Meal

Welcome to my brand new “series”! My goal this year is to make more meals at home. Healthy, budget friendly meals that won’t take FOREVER in the kitchen. The first step to getting started is the basics of Menu Planning. Each month, maybe more frequently, I’ll bring you great recipes for meals you can make at home with KEY ingredients: Healthy, Budget Friendly & Time Saving. They may not all include every key ingredient, but I hope all of them will include at least ONE of those three KEY ingredients!

Starting off my fantastic series is Cristi from The King’s Court IV. She’s got a great Frugal Friday 101 series on her blog, so I asked her to help me out with a guest post about “the basics” of meal planning.

Without further ado here’s the Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals Series:

Frugal Meals Guest Blog: Menu Planning Basics
Frugal Meals: My Perdue Oven Stuffer Chicken
Frugal Meals: Getting Started with Menu Planning
Frugal Meals Guest Post: Cooking from STOCKPILE
Frugal Meals Guest Post: Planning Meals for the Week
Frugal Meals Guest Blog: What Can You Do With Pizza Dough?
Frugal Meals Guest Blog: 6 Things to Consider in Choosing Frugal Meals for your Family
Frugal Meals Guest Post: Healthy Baked Chicken Strips

More Frugal Meal posts:

Frugal Meals Guest Post: Fall Cooking Shortcut – 1 Dish Meals

Another amazing resource for planning meals, so you can save money, is Food on the Table. It’s an easy meal planning service that is based on sales at LOCAL grocery stores. You can find thousands of easy, healthy recipes! Fantastic resource for busy Moms!