Monday manicure and pedicure ideas

monday manicure and pedicure ideas #mondaymanis #manicures #julepAround my house, my daughter’s nails are always the priority. I’m not super sure when this shift happened. I used to take care of my manicures and pedicures, and when I had time, Little Miss received a manicure and pedicure. Well, that’s now shot to sh*t. Her manis and pedis come first, and when I have time, I get mine done. Weekends are meant for our little “spa-at-home” activities, which means I get to share our creations each Monday. I figured it would be nice to share a little background, in case you were wondering why we’ve got Monday manicure and pedicure ideas happening every once in a while!

Just to let you know, I’m probably always going to be behind with these Mani Mondays when they happen. Accept it. Embrace it. It’s probably never going to change! Today’s fun idea I worked on for Little Miss and me: St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day was a hard one for me. Honestly, I was a little under the gun for her nail art. I’d done mine in stages, on days she was at school. Let’s be super honest, we all know that the “spa-at-home” on the weekends are always about my daughter and I spending time together doing HER nails, and toes. I’ve got to fit my stuff in when she’s not around.

Well, for St. Patrick’s Day I attempted to get into the spirit of things. Green polishes for me, and then for Little Miss I attempted Shamrocks. Notice I wrote attempted. I am well aware this did not go well, as you can see in the above photo. I’m a simple girl, trying to spice it up with simple ideas ANYONE can do. November Sunflower is all about keeping it simple, and doing our best.

If I hadn’t had the Julep Plié Wand™ it would have been ten times worse. Trust me. I used the dot tool to make the shamrocks. Is it perfect? Hell no. Did Little Miss love them? YES. My work was done!

After the stress of attempting shamrocks on her little nails, I decided to just buckle down and use my many green polishes from Julep. Keeping it simple.

Little Miss didn’t get a pedicure this time around, but I sure did. Just because I kept it simple. I decided to do a little green glitter polish on just two toes, and do a neutral on all the other toes. It just means I can get a couple of extra days out of the pedicure, because when lighter polish chips, it isn’t as obvious. Keeping it simple!

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