Sitting on your butt watching TV can earn you free stuff

About a year ago, almost to the day, I introduced you all to a fantastic new FREE app by the name of Viggle. At the time, Viggle was only available on your iPhone, or iPad. Of course, last January I did not have either of those iOS devices. In April, I was given an iPad for my birthday, and the first app I downloaded to my new iPad? You got it, Viggle. Then I found out, it was also now available for Android users. All of this was very cool!

I mean, sitting on your butt watching TV can earn you free stuff? Is that what this Viggle is telling me it can do? HOG WASH. (What does that mean? I use it, but I have no clue why….) If so, my husband would be a ca-jillionaire at this point. Sorry, but it’s true.

It’s a year later, Viggle can earn you point whether you have an Adroid or iOS device, and it’s still going strong! But what’s new and exciting? I’m going to tell you my friends, RIGHT NOW.

DirecTV Partnership

If you’re lucky enough to have DirecTV, instead of a crappy cable company, like Cablevision here on Long Island, you’ll love the fact that Viggle has partnered with DirecTV and offers BONUS POINTS!!! If you’re sittingon the couch, watching TV and you see a little bonus badge in the “What’s On” section of the app, you know there’s a bonus points chance happening on whatever show, sports event, or movie that’s on DirecTV. Just check in, and tap the bonu spoits to see how many points you can score! JUST MAKE SURE to LINK your accounts together, or the bonus points will not credit.

Thursday Night Cinema Movie Night

Again, those lucky enough to have DirecTV will score 1,000 bonus points if they watch, and check into, the featured movie of the week. Plus, all the DirecTV people can get exclusive rewards like DirecTV Movie Money certificates. SWEET.

MYGUY Fantasy Sports

If you’re a sports lover, or have a sports lover in the family, this might be a little piece of awesome! It’s powered by Viggle, and you can earn rewards playing. They have Basketball and Football so far, and it can earn you Viggle points.

With this little bad boy, you choose a player. Your scores go up when your player does good things, if they do something bad, your points go down. You can score even more points if your player does THREE good things in a row, and this doubles all the new scores for as long as the streak lasts. If you change players, doesn’t matter, streak still sticks, however, if that new player does something stupid, the streak is over and your points go down again.

The awesome part is that you can change players ANY TIME YOU WANT.

Once the game is over, Viggle points are distributed based on how well you did, plus how  many other users are involved in the game at the time of the game. Scores dictate the Viggle points you can earn. And what’s this? If you’re a part of a multiplayer game, the points are awarded differently – it’s all based on how many players!

Play Along to earn more points

When I’m watching the shows I love, and I want to keep myself busy so I don’t go for the snacks, I play along with Viggle. It means, throughout the show, Viggle asks questions. If you answer the questions right, you earn 10 points, if you get it wrong, you earn 1 point. You can rack in a lot of extra points doing this, and most of the questions aren’t all that hard, since you are watching the show…..

People watch TV. If you’re watching, you might as well be earning something for it, right? It doesn’t take much time to check in, you can favorite shows that you love, and you can also set reminders for the shows you don’t want to miss out on. I’ve got White Collar earning me check in points, and one of my favorites, Fringe earned me a lot of amazing points.

Start Viggling with Viggle!!!!

*Just a fan of Viggle. No partnership. No referral links. No affiliate links.


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