Summer fashion looks for summer vacation

It’s April, I know. Heck, it’s Good Friday for many people out there. There are even some of us who are experiencing temperatures in the 30s. You all think I’m crazy to be thinking about summer fashion looks for summer vacation, but listen, it’s that time of year! The bathing suits are out on store racks, and the tshirts and shorts are already on display. We’ve got to push past the chilly temps, and dreary April weather, and just focus on summer!

Our family won’t be going away during the “summer months.” We’ll be traveling in May and September, but where we’re going, I’ve got to think about summer clothes. I’ve also got to think about packing light because this November Mama never checks her bags! If I can manage to pack 8 days into one carry-on sized suitcase to travel to California, then 6 days to Florida should be EASY. How do I do it? I keep one color in mind, and a lot of neutrals!

Summer fashion looks for summer vacation (long weekend options)

Summer Vacation Blue/Neutral


Blue is my color of choice. It’s just the color that makes me happiest, and it goes with basically EVERYTHING. All of these pieces can be interchanged, and create multiple combinations for a simple summer weekend getaway! If the evenings get a little chilly, throw on the chinos. If there’s a more fancy night out, you’ve got the skirt and a couple of blouse options. Wear a pair of shorts on the plane, and have those and the cutoffs for your daytime fun! When you change up your tops, no one will notice the bottoms. It’s a weekend trip, not a business trip that will last a week! Keep it light, and simple, and you won’t need to check any bags!

Summer fashion looks for summer vacation (five day trip)


Summer Vacation Orange/Neutral


Orange!!!! My daughter has loved orange since she was born. Little Miss used to walk around with an orange crayon in her hand, and if she couldn’t find something orange to wear on the girl’s side of the store, she had no problem dragging me over to the boy’s side of the store. Now? Orange is everywhere. As the television show says orange is the new black, right?

A fan of orange, or someone who just wants to bring a lot of sunshine to a summer vacation, will have tons of outfit options. All of the options are interchangeable! Even the sandals will go with every last item in my pretty collection for a summer vacation. The best part of this collection? It packs up nicely into a carry-on bag, so no need to check any luggage and pay the extra fees on the airlines.

What colors are you most looking forward to wearing as part of your summer fashion experience this year? How do you pack for a summer vacation that you have to have a great wardrobe for? Comment below!

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