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  • Writing journal keepsake Capture Life's Big Moments

Writing journal keepsake: Capture Life’s Big Moments

Writing journal keepsake: Capture Life's Big Moments


  • Shipping is included in the purchase price of your journals. Whether you buy 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5, the shipping is always included in the price of the journal! It’s my gift to you for taking a chance on me, and my journals.
  • When placing your order, please factor in a couple of days for order processing BEFORE the shipment can go out. Once the shipment goes out, it can take 3 to 5 days to be delivered.
  • Live in Canada, and want to order, please contact me. The ordering process is different for those outside of the United States.

Why were these journals created?

All journals have been designed by me, from cover-to-cover. It’s been a labor of love, and a dream of mine for quite some time, to create and offer these journals to all of you.

The First Year of Parenthood Journal is a keepsake for new parents! Perfect for any new parent wanting to capture all of life’s moments during the first year with a new baby, or babies.

The First Year of Marriage is the perfect memento for newlyweds. Capturing the first year of marriage will be the perfect gift for any married couple, to preserve “their story” for themselves, as well as future generations. Opening this up after 5 years of marriage, 10 years, or 80 years, will provide beautiful moments to get couples through some of the rougher parts of their years together!

What’s inside each of the journals?

A unique aspect of this journal is the writing prompts provided to inspire the writing process, without having to ask the question “what am I supposed to write about?” However, the writing prompts can be ignored. There’s empty journal pages to fill with anything desired.

Each journal offers 24 writing pages to fill with wonderful memories.  However, that’s not all!

Each journal also has 24 blank pages to attach photos, or special keepsakes, from the first year of life as a new parent. You can also use the pages to “bullet journal,” just doodle and draw, perhaps write even more? Heck, you can even create scrapbook pages. The possibilities are endless! The blank pages are there to use however you wish to use them. You can keep them blank if you want to!

Why buy these journals for your loved ones?

These journals are the perfect way to capture life’s big moments in one beautiful place, so newlyweds, parents and child will have a memento that can be passed down to future generations. Curious minds always want to know “what life was like” for their relatives, and loved ones. Now you’ll have the perfect keepsake to provide them with all the answers they’re curious minds could ever want.