ZoomBucks: Earn Points, Redeem for GIFT CARDS

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Referral link.I’m always on the prowl for great ways to earn points, so I can redeem the points for awesome gift cards. We all know I’m a Target lover. So when I find a new site that I love, which also has a way to earn points to redeem for Target Gift Cards, I AM ALL OVER IT!

I’ve been with ZoomBucks for a bit of time now. It took me this long to get to chat about it, because for some reason my email wasn’t allowing the “CONFIRMATION” email through. In order to be able to check out all the rewards available, you need to have this email sent, so you can click on it and CONFIRM your email. I finally had to just have them manually confirm me, because that specific email was the only one not coming through.

But NOW, I’m able to see all of the goodies they have on there and one of them is TARGET GIFT CARDS!!!! It’s a lot to earn for a $10 gift card, but hey, I’m always happy to do the simple things to earn all year long and redeem for gift cards when the point are there. They also have Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Disney and more. Always a favorite, beyond the Target gift cards, is the PAYPAL CASH! Sweet!

ZoomBucks has the same things as every other point earning site, trust me. You can earn points by doing surveys, completing offers, watching videos, performing tasks and shopping. You can win ZoomBucks by doing searches, there’s a ZDaily which gives you ZoomBucks when you click on it each day. If you are on a PC, you can get a daily ZBuck for just visiting their pages with the downloadable toolbar (I have a Mac, it’s not compatible yet.) You can play games, print out coupons and they also release promo codes on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also the opportunity to REFER people, like I am right now with my fabulous referral code.

Plenty of ways to earn points, so you can redeem for those gift cards, or PayPal cash, or other items in their Reward Store.

Check it out, it’s pretty cool. I’ve been enjoying it all day. Doesn’t take long to earn points each day, so I’m pretty impressed so far!


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