Zuuzs.com can help you with fund raising while you shop online

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I saved Zuuzs.com for last, because it has the most amazingly unique feature when it comes to cash rebate shopping. Yes, you can shop through them and earn your heart out, you can refer people and earn when they shop, and they can earn, too, obviously. However, that’s not the only way to benefit from shopping through Zuuzs.

What makes this site so unique? You can fund raise with it. Not just for any cause out there, but for one that is important to you. Perhaps you have a sick relative who needs help paying for his medical treatments, or a local shelter that needs funds thanks to Super Storm Sandy’s wrath.

Zuuzs.com can help you with fund raising while you shop online. Plus, you can share your link with others, and when they shop online, it will add those earnings to your fund raising efforts.

Sign Up

You can sign up for Zuuzs.com using my referral link. It’s FREE to join, and will give you the access you need to check into the fund raising aspect of the site. So if you live in the United States, head over, and sign up with Zuuzs.com today. Once you’ve signed up, fill out your profile information. It’s your standard, basic stuff. You can connect to Facebook, too. There’s a list to choose all of your shopping preferences. You will also choose how you want them to communicate with you, there’s lots of email options to choose from.

Head to Earning Preferences tab. This is where you can choose the minimum payment threshold for your account. It’s as low as $10. You can set yourself to be paid by check, or at some point, a debit card. No PayPal option for this site, sorry! I’d also visit the Favorite Stores tab, start starring some of your favorites, so it’s not so overwhelming!

Fund Raise with Zuuzs

Fund Raising

Once you’re signed up, profiles all up and accurate, you’ll want to check out the fund raising area. Head to the bottom footer of the site, look for the list under Learn More. Fundraising is the last one listed, click on that and it will bring up the free program’s information. You can also watch a quick presentation to learn a whole lot more about the program!

After you watch the video, you can sign up. Click on the big SIGN ME UP button, and fill out the form. Zuuzs will start the process of getting your organization set up for raising some serious funds for those fantastic online shopping addicts in your life!

If you choose to fund raise with Zuuzs.com, your shoppers still earn cash back for themselves, no worries there. The organization you sign up to help fund raise for earns a cash bonus on their purchases. Plus, anyone they refer also ends up earning cash bonuses, too. IF they want to, there will be an option to direct their checks right back to the organization. It’s up to them, but they should know that when they shop through the site, they are earning for the organization, and it would be perfectly okay to keep their own cash back checks for themselves. After all, they are trying to earn while they shop, to help offset some of their shopping costs, right?!!!


Alrighty, we’ve been signed up, we’re going to shop for ourselves, or fund raise, so let’s get started. There’s a big tab that says Shop at the tippy top of the homepage. When you hit that, it will bring you to a page that says i want to browse. Here you can browse by those favorites I told you to star when signing up, or you can choose to browse All Stores, or by category. Just click on the drop down menu on the page.

There’s also a search box, if you want to just try and find a great store by name. Whatever you like, it’s up to you.

When you decide on how to shop, you’ll have a list in front of you where it will show you the Cash Back you can earn, a little Facebook button to share with your friends, plus a SHOP  NOW button.

If you click on the name of the store, it’ll bring up more details about the store, your cash back opportunities, and of course, give you the button to go and shop.

Interested in scoring coupons, and deals? You just have to head to the footer of the site, look for Shop. Under there, you’ll see Hot Deals & Coupons, along with Weekly Picks. Definitely two places to check out when you’re on the website, for sure.

Get Paid

When you’ve earned for shopping, got referrals earning you money, and you’ve hit your lowest payment threshold that you chose when you signed up, you can get paid. They send checks out on the 21st of each month. So if you’ve hit the threshold by the 21st of the month, you’ll get your check. When the debit card option is finally available, the amount will be put right onto the card.

IF you signed up through a fund raising partner, you will have the option to give the earned income to the organization, or keep it for yourself. It’s up to you. You don’t have to commit to giving it all to the organization each month, you can change that option before the 21st of the month. Give some months, keep it some of the months.

BUT, do understand, that when you have signed up through an organization, every time you shop through the site, you are already earning for the organization. The cash you earn for yourself is YOURS. So no feeling guilty about keeping your monthly checks!

Enjoy the cash rebates, everyone!!!


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