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  • What brands say about November Sunflower

I’m proud of the work I put out into the world wide web. When brands appreciate my hard work, it’s always a treat. I love getting compliments from PR Firms, brands, and book authors, I’ve worked with. Instead of keeping all of these compliments, and accolades to myself, I’m sharing them. Why not? Instead of tooting my own horn, I’ll let some others toot my horn for me! I mean, why would I want to hide the fact that brands love me, and they love the work I do.

What brands say about November Sunflower


“This was a spectacular article.”

~Ryan McCready, Affiliate Manager, HelloFresh

When a company asks me to not just be an affiliate for an amazing company, HelloFresh, but also experience using the HelloFresh subscription box. I did NOT pass up the opportunity to work with a company providing fresh foods right to my doorstep!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Staci on a number of projects, and she has always risen above, and beyond. Her professional approach to her work is refreshing: she is very communicative, detail-oriented, always meets her deadlines, and does great work on behalf of brands.”

~Erin Olson, Director of Client Services for The Motherhood

It’s always fun working on all of my projects with The Motherhood. My personal favorite is the amazing Sergeant’s Pet & emBARK on Pet Health campaign. It gave me the chance to get the kids volunteering at a local shelter WITH me. So grateful to be a part of every campaign I’ve done with The Motherhood!

“Staci reviewed my book Stop Reacting and Start Responding. Staci gave a true accounting of what she liked about the book and was honest enough to express what she didn’t like. I love that about her, she can be trusted. Today’s business ventures are fraught with people telling you what they think you want to hear in order to get the contract, or sale. Staci is NOT one of those people! She’s genuine, truthful, and one of the most dedicated people I know. She decided to go after what she wanted in life, and found it. Staci is someone you want to work with if you’re interested in success!”

~Sharon Silver, Author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding

Sharon and I worked together on a couple of projects. My parenting style has changed dramatically after reading her book, and listening to her seminars. Have I taken all of her advice, no. Sometimes, you just have to pick and choose what’s best for you, and your family!

“When I launched my brand in 2010, Staci helped me engage with her social media mom network of influencers to gain traction in a very vast universe. Without her expertise, I would have wasted both time and energy, as well as much needed marketing money. When I give advice to people I meet that are interested in beginning their social media marketing campaigns, I refer them to only a few chosen experts, Staci being one. The Little Looster was introduced to hundreds of moms, thanks to Staci. I look forward to continuing our relationship and growing our networks together!”

 ~Monica Mylet, CEO – Mom-trepreneur, Little Looster, LLC.

& Co-Founder and CEO, Trackersphere

Monica was a pleasure to work with, and she knows quality when she sees it. Whether it be amazing people, or amazing companies, or amazing products and ideas. Little Looster is my favorite kid product in our home TO THIS DAY!

“I have worked with Staci on different projects since 2010, and I’m just so impressed with her quality and promptness. She has done great book reviews for our series, as well as contributed helpful feedback as a beta tester for our tracking management system. Needless to say, that in whatever way I’ve needed Staci to work for me, she has always been professional, and someone I make sure I recommend to other businesses.”

~ Abbey Fatica, TrackerSphere and Life Well Blogged

“Your post is awesome!  Thanks so much for sharing with your readers.  It is absolutely perfect.”

~ Sara Record, GoldPR 

Sara complimented me after working with me on the Invisalign campaign. She’s hoping to work with me again, as it was a “true pleasure” working with me on this campaign.

“I have worked with Staci on several Shutterfly and Tiny Prints campaigns. I enjoy her professional approach, and her creative ways to showcase our products. Staci is a wonderful brand advocate!”

~ Julie Vazquez, Social Media, Shutterfly Inc.

Julie and I have worked together on multiple campaigns for Shutterfly.com, as well as Tiny Prints. It’s always fun for me to write about the amazing products both companies produce, and finding creative ways to share my opinions is always a great challenge!

“I just came across your review of my book – and wanted to say a big Thank You! Your wonderful review has really made my day!”

~ Kimberly Willis, Author of The Little Book of Diet Help

Kimberly’s compliment came after she saw the write-up I did of her amazing The Little Book of Diet Help book.

“Thank you so much for the great review Staci :)”

~ Sarah-Jayne Gratton, Author of Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter

Sarah left me a lovely comment on the review I did for her book, Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter, and I couldn’t be happier she did!