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Congratulations. You have money to spend. It could be from earning points and converting them to dollars. Maybe you just went right in and earned straight out cash on the internet. Perhaps you just do really well in your career, make a good salary, and want to spend without over-spending. Whatever brought you here to learn all about strategic shopping, welcome!

Strategic Shopping

STOP. Before you start reading through what I consider Strategic Shopping, make sure you open up this fantastic resource page FULL of important resources, and websites to find the best deals, and earn CASH MONEY when you shop online –> Shopping Online MUST HAVES

So, what is strategic shopping?

Here’s how I define strategic shopping: never paying full price, but never buying low quality. We’re not cheap here, we’re just spending our money smarter. We work hard for our cash, we want it to work hard for us! Bring us beautiful, sparkly things, and those office supplies I love so much, at a really great price. However, not anything cheaply made!

Shopping with a strategic plan takes time, and it’s an art form. Just as coupon-ing is an art form, so is strategic shopping. It’s all about finding what you want to buy, and then finding it at a lower price someplace else. Once you find the lower price, you find out how you can go through a cash rebate site to earn cash back for buying your most desired items. Oh, and of course, finding a coupon code to make it an even better price! However, I stress this point: NEVER GO LOW QUALITY and NEVER SPEND TOO MUCH TIME shopping.

Starting your shopping trip should be fun, and it should stay fun. You don’t want to be frustrated, because then you’ll just buy it at any old price from utter exhaustion. I’ve found sites that compare prices for you, and sites that have lots of coupon codes, and sites that give the best cash back percentages. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of legwork for everyone out there.

All my hard work can be found when you hover over the above navigation bar where it says SHOP. A little menu will drop down, and it’ll display beautiful items for you to explore. Don’t forget to hit up my strategic shopping tutorials page….it’s important to keep updated on all the best sites to use, and how to use them, so you’re making the most out of your BENJAMINS.