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Living a Long Island life

If you love living a Long Island Life, I’m about to help you enjoy even more of it! We have amazing hospitals on Long Island; phenomenal doctors are plentiful on Long Island; and outstanding specialists practice throughout Long Island. When you have kids, all of these items are a huge benefit.

Besides all of these amazing facilities, Long Island has beautiful parks to hike, boat, kayak and camp in. We’ve got the best of the suburban life, while being so close to the city life! It’s easy to head to the city streets in no time.

However, no one has to head to NYC to experience museums, the theatre, or the arts. Museums pepper Long Island, along with great theatres, and cultural experiences! It’s all here on Long Island, and you can experience all of it without having to take the LIRR, or pay to cross bridges, or drive through tunnels! The beauty of Long Island is having so many options, and never having to sacrifice culture, or fun.

I’m a born and raised Long Island lady. I’ve chosen to stay here on Long Island to raise my own little sunflowers. Our schools are some of the best in the country, and in our great state of New York. Long Island offers amazing beaches, beautiful coastal communities, and close proximity to New York City (or as we all call it The City.)

So, come check out some of the awesome things about Long Island you might not be aware of!

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