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  • Depression - Journey with Depression on November Sunflower
Journey with Depression on November Sunflower

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Depression doesn’t have a certain look. I’m the face of depression.

Not sure if it’s depression?

Read through this entire series I’ve dedicated to this journey with depression. It’s here, because I had no idea what was happening to me, until I asked for help.

The truth is, you can never tell if someone is living with depression just by looking at a person. There’s no “look” of depression. All of us dealing with it, living with it, on this journey with depression, we’re all different. It took me years to learn the truth behind my rage issues. Everyone chalked it up to my Sicilian temper, or the fact that I was born under the Aries Zodiac sign.

It wasn’t either of those reasons. It was always signs of depression. Much of the time it came and went, and this last spark? Well, it’s the first time depression hit me square in my “mothering.” All the times I’ve battled depression, without even knowing what it was, it never bled through to my parenting. When it did, I knew something was just not right. It was time to figure out what was up with me. I never say “wrong with me.” Depression isn’t something that’s wrong with me, it’s one thing that happens to be a part of me. No shame. Nothing wrong. It’s just what it is, and now, as a mother, I’m learning as much as I can about my triggers, and figuring out how to handle how my depression presents itself.