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Here on NovemberSunflower.com, it’s not about being negative, it’s about being real.
Money can always be made. Time you can never get back. (Once time’s gone, it’s gone forever.) No one wants to waste money. However, what you do not want to waste, because you can’t get it back, is TIME.
That’s where I come in. What I write about will either help you decide to spend your money, or your time, without wasting either. Reviews on websites are fine, but you rarely get BOTH sides of a story in one review. You either get all the GLORIOUS details, or you get those 1 star reviews filled with complaints.
No one gives a balanced, unbiased “just the facts” reviews…until me.

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So, you want to learn about November Sunflower?

Who is November Sunflower?

A New Yorker born with the name Staci. Rather, my mother gave birth to me hoping I was a boy. Tons of boys names chosen, however, I came out a girl, she asked my sister what name to give me. I do believe mom gave her three options to choose from. Yup, that’s right. A four-year-old named me, but mom chose how to spell my name. I’ve grown to like my name, but never truly have I LOVED it.

You can get in touch with me at staci [at] novembersunflower [dot] com.

What does November Sunflower do?

Well, November Sunflower does a lot of sharing. I share my thoughts, my observations, my opinions, and I do it all with a lot of honesty, as well as integrity. There are times I use humor to get my message across, and there are times I use sarcasm.

What can the audience expect from November Sunflower?

Authenticity. Since I was born to write, and basically never really learned how to “filter” my thoughts before they escape through my pie hole, all you get around here is authentic, honest writing. I give honest observations on everything: jewelry, fashion, travel, entertainment, and more! There’s also some video on November Sunflower’s YouTube channel, which often includes my children’s observations about toys, or activities, or whatever they feel the need to express. You’ll sometimes see Mr. Sunflower, a.ka., Nick. We share our little ones, Little Miss, and The Boy. I may splatter this website with their images, but their names are never shared.

Learn about who's behind November Sunflower



Sunflowers behind November Sunflower

How did November Sunflower start? What’s the history behind all these years on the internet?

Soon after the birth of my son, The Boy, I found myself living on Long Island, with two kids, a husband, a dog, and only one income. Out of PURE NECESSITY, I learned to find the best deals shopping online. Why online shopping? Well, I had two years old Little Miss, and an infant. The last place I wanted to go was shopping, in a store, with both kids. Plus, I was not into “extreme couponing” for groceries. Main reason for not coupon shopping for groceries? I didn’t do the grocery shopping, and I still don’t. Mr. November Sunflower has his whole coupon system down to a science, and I leave that sh*t up to him!

After doing tons of research online, all I found were extreme coupon websites. Hours, and hours, of time spent online while the kids napped, and all I kept running into were extreme coupon websites!  Many would have chucked it all, and given up on saving money! Not me. I didn’t give up! I kept at it, and finally I started to find amazing resources for those of us who wanted to save money, but still spend time with our families (my whole reason for staying home, and not returning to full time work outside the home.) After many months of learning about rebate sites, and free shipping sites, and learning the ins, and outs, of daily deal sites, I discovered the world of earning free gift cards!

The world of the free gift card

Once I learned how to earn free gift cards, I then spent hours learning the right way to shop! I mastered my shopping skills, so I could shop at all my favorite online stores, and some brick & mortars, too!. How did I do all of this? I can’t give all my secrets away, because I want you to hunt around this gorgeous website for some tutorials, but to sum it all up: I found amazing sales, awesome rebate websites, and free shipping codes, or deals. All of this resulted in NEVER PAYING FOR ANYTHING I PURCHASED ONLINE. Now, with the ability to earn PayPal cash, the brick & mortar stores call to me!

If you’re not into earning free gift cards to shop, that’s fine. I earn them while I’m watching television, or waiting online, or hanging around waiting for the kids to be done with activities. Hey, it’s better than reading a magazine with trashy articles about Kim Kardashian, right? It’s not for everyone, so if you’re just interested in finding deals for the items you want to buy, without the gift card earning fun, that’s fine. There’s plenty to learn about shopping smarter, finding awesome sales, using great rebate sites, along with free shipping sites, so you get the best VALUE for your dollars!

I share my passion, and expertise, for strategic shopping on November Sunflower. No matter what your “tax bracket” I can help you find the best value for your money, or, if you’re like me, the best value with your newly earned FREE gift cards!

I even wrote a “how to” book on this topic. It’s the perfect gift for the “over spender” in your life!

Finding Your Frugal Way

Just remember, if you’re frugal, it’s something to be proud of! Being frugal is not a negative quality at all – it merely means to get the best value for the price you are paying. Being frugal means that you weigh all of your options and utilize tools available to you in order to purchase your item while spending the least amount of money.

How has November Sunflower changed over the years?

November Sunflower has morphed into a lifestyle blog, which embraces not just shopping smarter, but also my thoughts on everything having to do with lifestyle! I cover entertainment, money, travel, fashion, beauty, family and so much more. I just keep growing, and that means a lot of amazing things are covered here. Keep coming back, you won’t be sorry!

Many people ask “How did you come up with the name November Sunflower for your blog?”

Interestingly enough, the name of my blog has a lot of meaning. My favorite flower (actually, it’s the only flower I like) is the Sunflower. Pretty simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. The month of November is a very special month for our family. A lot happens in the month of November for us! Both kids are November babies, so it’s a month that signifies “beginnings” if you will, so with the beginning of this blog, I figured I’d combine my favorite flower, and the month that became the “beginning” of my life.

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NOTE: I don’t recommend a site, or product until I have used it. I don’t REFER a site, unless I have signed up for it myself and currently use it, or have used it in the past.