5 05, 2021

7 Classic Drinks To Order At The Bar

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It's easy to drop a ton of cash on alcohol. When you're on a budget, and want to make sure you'll get a solid cocktail - consider sticking with these seven classic drinks when out with friends.

3 05, 2021

4 Pregnancy Resources You Need

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Parents-to-be definitely want to make sure they have the proper help when there's a new baby on the way. We're sharing the four most important pregnancy resources!

28 04, 2021

Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer: Make Use of the Right Materials

By | 2021-04-23T09:05:27-04:00 April 28, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Gardening tips to help you prepare your garden ready for summer. It was news to me you have to prepare ahead of time and not just stick plants in the ground and hope for the best.

26 04, 2021

7 Ways To Make Your Date Night Special

By | 2021-04-22T14:16:07-04:00 April 26, 2021|Family|0 Comments

When you've been together for many years, it's hard to create a special night. Here's 7 ways to help make your date night special.

21 04, 2021

Reduce plastic use to save money and help the environment

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You heard it here first - you can save your money when you reduce plastic use. It's not as difficult as you might think to reduce plastic use in your life.

14 04, 2021

Printable spring cleaning checklists to help get your home spring ready

By | 2021-04-14T09:25:43-04:00 April 14, 2021|Lifestyle|2 Comments

Printable spring cleaning checklists to help get your home spring ready. Yes, I created these last year, and shared them right here on November Sunflower. These printable checklists were so popular last year, I had to share them again! It's important to keep things fresh and new, yes. However, sometimes you have to recycle some [...]

12 04, 2021

Suiting Your Dress Style to the Seasons

By | 2021-04-02T13:41:41-04:00 April 12, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Great tips for suiting your dress style to the seasons. Let's pump up your confidence as we all emerge from lockdown.

7 04, 2021

Choosing the Right Rug Size for your Home

By | 2021-03-28T12:15:16-04:00 April 7, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Let's face it, we all need help choosing just the right sized area rug for the various rooms of our homes. We also need help with how to place it once it arrives at the house! Learn more right now.

5 04, 2021

Golfing Holidays in Southwest Louisiana

By | 2021-03-26T18:15:55-04:00 April 5, 2021|Travel|0 Comments

Golfing Holidays in Southwest Louisiana provide a great opportunity to explore not just golf courses, but also casinos and historic areas.

31 03, 2021

Internet strained working from home?

By | 2021-03-26T17:49:08-04:00 March 31, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

There is nothing worse than working from home on mediocre-quality equipment. Is your internet strained now that you're working from home, and the kids are remote learning? Not sure how to tell? Well, you might have: web pages loading too slowly malware crashing your computer In addition, you risk losing your job and income due [...]

29 03, 2021

Enjoy a dog friendly Port Jefferson Staycation

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Dog friendly Port Jefferson staycations are perfect for all Long Islanders. Long Island's North Shore provides great outdoor activities, and restaurants for you and your pets. Go for the day, help local establishments during a rough tourism year.

24 03, 2021

7 Organic Green Smoothie Recipes

By | 2021-03-13T10:47:11-05:00 March 24, 2021|Food|0 Comments

Not all healthy foods have to taste gross. It was a shock to me, too! But organic green smoothie recipes like these definitely changed my mind about eating healthy foods. And with certain swaps like filtered water instead of organic nut milks, it isn't as hard on my budget as I thought it would!

22 03, 2021

Three Best Chicken Soup Recipes (& best 2 Turkey Recipes)

By | 2021-03-13T10:03:29-05:00 March 22, 2021|Food|0 Comments

Chicken Soup is a go-to meal throughout the year, not just during colder temps. These are the best chicken soup recipes & turkey ones, too.

17 03, 2021

Who was Saint Patrick and why’s there a St. Patrick’s Day

By | 2021-03-06T10:47:05-05:00 March 17, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Who was Saint Patrick and why did Ireland honor him with a Feast Day? Not much is known about him, but I've dug up the dirt for you! One thing to know.... he wasn't even Irish!

15 03, 2021

Harmful Easter Treat Ingredients for Dogs

By | 2021-03-05T14:02:25-05:00 March 15, 2021|Food|0 Comments

Learn how to keep your dogs safe from harmful easter treats - the ones in your easter baskets, along with those in your massive easter Sunday dinner spread. They're everywhere!

10 03, 2021

Irish Soda Bread Recipe Collection

By | 2021-03-13T13:08:51-05:00 March 10, 2021|Food|0 Comments

Wading through the huge variety of Irish Soda Bread recipes for my people! Here's an amazing Irish Soda Bread recipe collection. Get baking!

8 03, 2021

Reasons why daylight savings time is bad for your health

By | 2021-03-13T13:11:24-05:00 March 8, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Anyone tired of daylight savings time? Let's see why daylight savings time is bad for your health.

3 03, 2021

International Women’s Day Events in 2021

By | 2021-02-27T11:40:42-05:00 March 3, 2021|Lifestyle|Comments Off on International Women’s Day Events in 2021

The International Women's Day events in 2021 are virtual, but powerful. A full weekend of kick-ass women coming together to provide amazing talks, entertainment and more. Check out some of the events, and register for the main event and more!

1 03, 2021

What to do with your dyed Easter Eggs after Egg Hunt Ends

By | 2021-03-13T13:12:45-05:00 March 1, 2021|Food|Comments Off on What to do with your dyed Easter Eggs after Egg Hunt Ends

After an easter egg hunt, what does one do with all those colored eggs? Since I'm a big fan of hard boiled eggs, I like to enjoy them in a variety of recipes. One of them is my super simple egg salad made with all organic ingredients! Including our organic dyed easter eggs.

24 02, 2021

What You Can Do to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive in Special Education Classes

By | 2021-02-19T12:48:43-05:00 February 24, 2021|Family|Comments Off on What You Can Do to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive in Special Education Classes

Parents need all the help we can get! How can you help your autistic child thrive in special education classes? We're offering helpful tips.

22 02, 2021

Healthier Easter Candy Swaps

By | 2021-03-13T13:15:54-05:00 February 22, 2021|Food|Comments Off on Healthier Easter Candy Swaps

We love our candy, don't we? No one wants non-candy crap in their Easter Basket. Here are healthier Easter CANDY swaps for your baskets.

17 02, 2021

Best Sarasota Neighborhood Restaurants

By | 2021-02-13T15:02:22-05:00 February 17, 2021|Travel|Comments Off on Best Sarasota Neighborhood Restaurants

Locals and visitors - I'm sharing some of my favorite Sarasota neighborhood restaurants with you. Tons of amazing spots to eat and drink all over my favorite Florida region.

15 02, 2021

Plan Your Dog Friendly Lake George Vacation

By | 2021-02-07T12:43:04-05:00 February 15, 2021|Travel|Comments Off on Plan Your Dog Friendly Lake George Vacation

It's time to start thinking about your summer vacations! If you live in, or near New York, take a road trip to Lake George, NY with your dogs! Start planning today with this helpful guide to dog friendly places to stay, places to eat and places to explore.

10 02, 2021

Pandemic Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon

By | 2021-02-04T11:33:59-05:00 February 10, 2021|Lifestyle|Comments Off on Pandemic Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon

A Valentine's Day Movie Marathon is the best way to celebrate even when we aren't a part of a pandemic! There's plenty of love-themed movies to add to your watch list. Here's my top six!

8 02, 2021

How Ending Toxic Relationships Can Help Your Anxiety

By | 2021-01-28T13:27:10-05:00 February 8, 2021|Lifestyle|Comments Off on How Ending Toxic Relationships Can Help Your Anxiety

Sometimes we end up in a toxic relationship through no fault of our own. It's important to learn how ending toxic relationships is important to our mental health.

3 02, 2021

The 14 Things Dads with Daughters Need to Know

By | 2021-01-23T12:41:49-05:00 February 3, 2021|Family|Comments Off on The 14 Things Dads with Daughters Need to Know

If you're blessed to be a girl dad, you'll want to make sure you know the most important things about having a daughter.

1 02, 2021

4 Ways to Help Your Family Stay Happy and Safe During Quarantine

By | 2021-01-23T11:20:21-05:00 February 1, 2021|Family|Comments Off on 4 Ways to Help Your Family Stay Happy and Safe During Quarantine

We never thought we'd be dealing with Covid for this long, and constantly being asked to stay home for such extended periods of time. We're here to offer excellent suggestions on ways to stay happy and safe during quarantine.

27 01, 2021

How To Revamp Your Beauty Routine For The New Year

By | 2021-01-16T11:46:42-05:00 January 27, 2021|Lifestyle|Comments Off on How To Revamp Your Beauty Routine For The New Year

With each new year, there's a chance to revamp your beauty routine. Take your beauty in a new and fresh look today with small adjustments. Nothing has to be dramatic to make a statement! We all just need a little refresh every so often, without making ourselves unrecognizable.

25 01, 2021

7 Tips for Encouraging Physical Activity in Your Family

By | 2021-01-16T11:07:43-05:00 January 25, 2021|Lifestyle|Comments Off on 7 Tips for Encouraging Physical Activity in Your Family

Many families spend time watching tv or playing board games together for family time. Let's change that and encourage physical activity together. It can start on the weekends and slowly become a daily thing. The key is to start slowly, and make it as fun as possible.