3 03, 2021

International Women’s Day Events in 2021

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The International Women's Day events in 2021 are virtual, but powerful. A full weekend of kick-ass women coming together to provide amazing talks, entertainment and more. Check out some of the events, and register for the main event and more!

1 03, 2021

What to do with your dyed Easter Eggs after Egg Hunt Ends

By | 2021-02-21T13:03:14-05:00 March 1, 2021|Food|0 Comments

After an easter egg hunt, what does one do with all those colored eggs? Since I'm a big fan of hard boiled eggs, I like to enjoy them in a variety of recipes. One of them is my super simple egg salad made with all organic ingredients! Including our organic dyed easter eggs.

24 02, 2021

What You Can Do to Help Your Autistic Child Thrive in Special Education Classes

By | 2021-02-19T12:48:43-05:00 February 24, 2021|Family|0 Comments

Parents need all the help we can get! How can you help your autistic child thrive in special education classes? We're offering helpful tips.

17 02, 2021

Best Sarasota Neighborhood Restaurants

By | 2021-02-13T15:02:22-05:00 February 17, 2021|Travel|0 Comments

Locals and visitors - I'm sharing some of my favorite Sarasota neighborhood restaurants with you. Tons of amazing spots to eat and drink all over my favorite Florida region.

15 02, 2021

Plan Your Dog Friendly Lake George Vacation

By | 2021-02-07T12:43:04-05:00 February 15, 2021|Travel|0 Comments

It's time to start thinking about your summer vacations! If you live in, or near New York, take a road trip to Lake George, NY with your dogs! Start planning today with this helpful guide to dog friendly places to stay, places to eat and places to explore.

10 02, 2021

Pandemic Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon

By | 2021-02-04T11:33:59-05:00 February 10, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

A Valentine's Day Movie Marathon is the best way to celebrate even when we aren't a part of a pandemic! There's plenty of love-themed movies to add to your watch list. Here's my top six!

8 02, 2021

How Ending Toxic Relationships Can Help Your Anxiety

By | 2021-01-28T13:27:10-05:00 February 8, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Sometimes we end up in a toxic relationship through no fault of our own. It's important to learn how ending toxic relationships is important to our mental health.

3 02, 2021

The 14 Things Dads with Daughters Need to Know

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If you're blessed to be a girl dad, you'll want to make sure you know the most important things about having a daughter.

1 02, 2021

4 Ways to Help Your Family Stay Happy and Safe During Quarantine

By | 2021-01-23T11:20:21-05:00 February 1, 2021|Family|0 Comments

We never thought we'd be dealing with Covid for this long, and constantly being asked to stay home for such extended periods of time. We're here to offer excellent suggestions on ways to stay happy and safe during quarantine.

27 01, 2021

How To Revamp Your Beauty Routine For The New Year

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With each new year, there's a chance to revamp your beauty routine. Take your beauty in a new and fresh look today with small adjustments. Nothing has to be dramatic to make a statement! We all just need a little refresh every so often, without making ourselves unrecognizable.

25 01, 2021

7 Tips for Encouraging Physical Activity in Your Family

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Many families spend time watching tv or playing board games together for family time. Let's change that and encourage physical activity together. It can start on the weekends and slowly become a daily thing. The key is to start slowly, and make it as fun as possible.

20 01, 2021

4 Reasons to Regularly Meet With a Psychiatrist when you’re overwhelmed

By | 2021-01-09T15:17:41-05:00 January 20, 2021|Depression|0 Comments

If you're feeling overwhelmed in your life, it's time to accept you need to ask for help and actually ACCEPT the help. Friends and family are great to talk to, but a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist, are the best ones to go to for long-term help.

18 01, 2021

6 Ways To Protect Your Home From Mother Nature

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Every season home owners have to battle mother nature's storms. So how can we best prepare our house to protect it from nasty storms? We have 6 great ways to protect your home from mother nature.

13 01, 2021

Gifts That Help Kids Develop an Interest in History

By | 2021-01-02T12:32:05-05:00 January 13, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

History is often boring for kids. However, there are ways parents can inspire their kids to develop an interest in history. Find gifts you can give your kids to spark their passion for history.

11 01, 2021

6 Tips to make it easier to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

By | 2021-01-01T12:29:12-05:00 January 11, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

It's a brand new year, and one of the most popular promises home owners make is to declutter your home! Let's make it easier to follow through with this promise to yourself, your home, and your family.

6 01, 2021

5 Tips So You Can Start The New Year Off Right

By | 2020-12-27T11:29:33-05:00 January 6, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Start the new year off right. You deserve financial success, and abundance in all areas of your life. Let's get it done this year!

4 01, 2021

Need workout motivation? Try one of these Fun and Challenging Classes

By | 2020-12-27T11:11:12-05:00 January 4, 2021|Lifestyle|0 Comments

Many of us promise to workout and get healthy each new year. Then the new year hits & we have no workout motivation. Let's change that for this year. It's a lot easier to amp yourself up to work out when there's fun classes that never make you feel like you're actually working out! Find some of them on this list.

30 12, 2020

Dal Makhani and Other Indian Dishes Your Family Will Love

By | 2020-12-19T11:26:22-05:00 December 30, 2020|Food|Comments Off on Dal Makhani and Other Indian Dishes Your Family Will Love

Need a combo of heat, sweet and tang? Indian Cuisine incompasses all of it! Check out Indian dishes your family will love.

28 12, 2020

All You Should Know About How to Travel with a Dog

By | 2020-12-19T11:02:54-05:00 December 28, 2020|Travel|Comments Off on All You Should Know About How to Travel with a Dog

Many pet owners aren't sure how to travel with a dog. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, and will add to the travel budget. However, it's a lot of fun for you and for your dog.

23 12, 2020

Healing Power of art therapy for depression

By | 2020-12-12T10:14:22-05:00 December 23, 2020|Depression|Comments Off on Healing Power of art therapy for depression

When living with depression, sometimes you want to treat it without medications. It's a personal choice one must make for themselves. Alternatives to medication is traditional therapy, as well as Art Therapy. Both are great ways to help you heal from and cope with depression.

21 12, 2020

6 Tips for Giving Your House a Modern Home Renovation

By | 2020-12-12T09:44:15-05:00 December 21, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on 6 Tips for Giving Your House a Modern Home Renovation

We're spending more time inside our homes, and it means we're all noticing things we want to update. However, many of us aren't sure how to modernize our home decor. Start with these 6 simple suggestions!

16 12, 2020

5 Unique Activities To Do With Kids at Home

By | 2020-12-05T10:51:50-05:00 December 16, 2020|Family|Comments Off on 5 Unique Activities To Do With Kids at Home

Unique activities you can do with your kids whilst stuck at home during a school break, or maybe a pandemic. Check them out now.

14 12, 2020

Family Moving? 4 Ways To Find A Home For Sale

By | 2020-12-05T10:31:54-05:00 December 14, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on Family Moving? 4 Ways To Find A Home For Sale

Four ways you can find a home for sale when you're ready to move your family.

9 12, 2020

Estate Planning Basics: Securing Your Family’s Future

By | 2020-11-27T11:52:14-05:00 December 9, 2020|Family|Comments Off on Estate Planning Basics: Securing Your Family’s Future

Learning even the basics of estate planning can help ease the burden from your loved ones' shoulders after your death. One of the best things you can do is PLAN FOR YOUR LOVED ONES! It will only help them through the grieving process.

7 12, 2020

How to Properly Protect Your Home and Have Beautiful Seaside Home Decor

By | 2020-11-27T11:14:02-05:00 December 7, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on How to Properly Protect Your Home and Have Beautiful Seaside Home Decor

Living on - or by - the water, requires a certain kind of home maintenance many people aren't aware of when buying a home. We often don't know how important it is do decorate our seaside homes with protection and minimal maintenance in mind. We're here to help you properly decorate your seaside home.

2 12, 2020

Why Your Child Might Need In Home Pediatric Services

By | 2020-11-21T10:38:04-05:00 December 2, 2020|Family|Comments Off on Why Your Child Might Need In Home Pediatric Services

Being a parent, especially a first-time parent, you don't always know if your child needs in home services, like speech therapy. Sometimes kids need a little extra help from a professional. Learn when it might be time for in-home therapy services.

30 11, 2020

How to Improve Your Sleep Schedule for More Energy Throughout the Day

By | 2020-11-21T09:34:35-05:00 November 30, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on How to Improve Your Sleep Schedule for More Energy Throughout the Day

If you're low on energy, try these ways to improve your sleep schedule. It's the first step to regain energy throughout your day.

25 11, 2020

8 Fun Summer Activities to do in Colder Seasons

By | 2020-11-14T10:56:08-05:00 November 25, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on 8 Fun Summer Activities to do in Colder Seasons

8 fun summer activities that aren't just for summer! There's plenty of all-year and all weather fun to be had. Learn which 8 are perfect no matter how cold it is outside.

23 11, 2020

How to Help Kids Get Plenty of Sunlight While Quarantining

By | 2020-11-14T10:57:21-05:00 November 23, 2020|Lifestyle|Comments Off on How to Help Kids Get Plenty of Sunlight While Quarantining

We can't stay inside all the time. We're human beings and require sunshine for our bodies to run properly. That's right, my friends, sunlight is essential for our physical and mental health. Here are some ways to make sure your kids get sunlight while quarantining. It won't hurt you, either!