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Disclosure: NovemberSunflower.com is a small business. In order to survive, there's a need to make money. I love a lot of things, I share those things, and if I can make a little commission here, and there, I'm 100 percent going for it. Why should the brands I love be the only ones making money, right? Please, use my affiliate links within this post when placing your orders with the brand, or joining up with the brand. Your support is beyond appreciated!

Working in the digital world has some benefits! Working from home, setting your own schedule, and making your own rules! I enjoy working from home running my website, along with working for a digital marketing agency and serving my own clients as a content marketing professional. Since I juggle a lot of creative jobs, sometimes I create digital assets my clients decide aren’t for them. I took to selling those unused digital products online, but found it stressful keeping up with the demand for more and more inventory. Plus, handling all the tax stuff was tiring. Then I found out you can sell this kind of stuff on Etsy, but I had no clue where to start.

Selling Digital Products are a Great Side Hustle

I did a major hunt online and found probably the most generous human on the planet who has an extensive set of courses, along with tons of membership options providing the perfect support system depending on what you want to create. After joining one of her memberships, and seeing firsthand how insanely giving Jessa is with her time, knowledge, and templates – I asked if there was a referral system and I was directed to the affiliate program she offers. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of her Passive Income Society community, as well as now being an affiliate for all of her programs.

I cherry picked some I think would be great for ANYONE who wants to earn money doing a side hustle, especially these days with how the world’s finances seem to be going downhill. Not everyone knows how to be creative, and with her template offerings, you kind of don’t have to be creative at all. She basically provides all the tools for you to get started, and once you’ve gotten into the groove you’ll learn a bit more about design!

There’s no pressure to sign up for any of the below items. Just take a look, and if you decide to dive into the digital product sales world – please use my affiliate links so I can also earn a little something for sharing her with you!

Start a Digital Product Business on Etsy

You get all the guidance you’ll need to start your Etsy store. If you’re not interested in Etsy, you can still gain a lot of knowledge and a ton of downloadable resources and templates with this course. Definitely learn more about this one today.

digital product business

Digital Product Creators

If you’re not as interested in Etsy, or want more options for digital product templates, the Digital Product Creators bundle would work out for you.

make your own digital products

Template Society

Jessa also offers an amazing Template Society that provides an abundance of templates and once you pay, you’re access to the EVER-GROWING template library is permanent. No extra cost for the new templates added. Brand however you want, use them for multiple brands, and again, it is ALWAYS accessible to you. It doesn’t matter how big it grows, every template will always be there for you to enjoy.

template society digital downloads

YouTube Bundle

Not in need of all the digital templates for sales purposes, or for your own brand – if you just need to get your YouTube channel to scale up with some amazing visuals – you’ll do well with The YouTube Bundle. Inexpensive, and filled with 161 templates for things like email signatures, media kits, thumbnails, facebook banners and more. All editable with a FREE Canva account, plus there’s bonuses to help with Canva training and you’ll also get stock images you can use forever for your business.

small business youtube templates

Pinterest Protege

If you’re struggling to learn and work on on your Pinterest account in order to improve your brand’s presence, check out Pinterest Protege. I’ve been using Pinterest for a long time, and since this was part of my Passive Income Society membership, I took the course. Surprisingly, I learned a few new things to try on Pinterest and, even more important, I got a few Pinterest templates to brand and use, saving me a ton of energy! Yes, even I enjoy having templates to use for social media and Pinterest. Whatever makes my life a little bit easier is worth the small amount of cash I have to hand over. Pinterest Protege is inexpensive, and even if it wasn’t part of my Passive Income Society membership, I’d probably have checked it out anyway.

pinterest protege course

There’s plenty more courses she offers, and as I explore and use them, if I feel they are awesome and worth the money, I’ll happily share them with you right here. You get great resources, I earn some affiliate money, and Jessa’s communities grow with amazing new members and clients. It’s a beautiful thing!