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  • Travel adventures with Staci at November Sunflower

Travel with November Sunflower

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Explore the great state of New York (it offers more than just NYC)Explore the beauty of Florida with your FamilyPennsylvania isn't just for lovers
California explorationExplore all that Connecticut has to offerPlan the perfect trip with help from our tips and tricks
Travel adventures with Staci at November Sunflower

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Interested in solo travel? Want to travel as a couple? Or is family travel your desire?

There’s nothing worse than wasting time, and money, on travel adventures! Here, you’ll get the good information, the not so good (in my opinion) travel information, and all that falls in between.

Do you find yourself looking through reviews of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more, when starting your travel plans? Me, too. However, I’m not looking at the rating system, but rather the comments about the hotels.

I want to get the full picture of what I should expect from every aspect of a hotel, a restaurant, a resort, an amusement park, and much more. It’s the only way to make an educated decision for my travel needs. What one person thinks is worth a rate of 3, I might rate a 5 – so the “meat” is in the actual comments, and stories, instead of just the number rating.

I’m all about giving a mind dump, and letting others decide what’s best for them for their upcoming travel adventures! Start with a couple here, and when done, scroll down and you’ll find a plethora of all my travel adventure posts!

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