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I’ve written online strategic shopping tutorials, as well as little snippets about amazing apps for your phone. I’ve got great articles on websites that help you save while you’re shopping online. Swagbucks, Gift Hulk, and other point earning websites have been introduced through November Sunflower, too. Did you know about my strategic shopping tutorials?

strategic shopping tutorials

Strategic Shopping Tutorials

When I started working on November Sunflower, it started out as just a way for me to share how I earned points, as well as sharing when I found free activities on Long Island. I’d also find ways to score some free meals at chain restaurants for things like your birthday, your child’s birthday, an anniversary, or even just a great free meal coupon. It’s morphed into a place where people come to find out what I think the best products are to spend money on.

There’s reviews on toys, and many other items. It isn’t just around the holidays, but all through the year. I’ve got great feedback on some of the best things out right now.

However, the basics of strategic shopping need to be touched upon more often. I’m going to dedicate more time to it, and what I need from all of my amazing people out there, are things you want me to figure out how you can strategically shop for. Do you have a couch you’ve been eying? Perhaps a tablet that’s been calling your name? Maybe a new pair of shoes you think you want to get, but aren’t sure if they are worth the splurge? Perhaps they are, if it’s a fad, probably not. Get the knock-off ones at a cheaper store, save the big bucks for the staples in your wardrobe, even if you really love the shoes!

Let’s start off by sharing the amazing strategic shopping tutorials I started a long time ago……and leave me comments here with things you want to see, and have me write about. I’m here for you guys. Chime in, help me make November Sunflower beyond awesome for all of you. I just want to write, and be of service to all of you. BRING IT!!!

Visit the tutorials at this link –> Tutorials for strategic shopping