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Visit New York. It’s not something most have to be convinced to do, am I right? However, New York isn’t just about New York City. There’s a great, big beautiful state to be explored. I’ve lived in New York my entire life. Born, and raised, on Long Island. I spent many summers at Lake George, in upstate New York. I’ve explored a few amazing places in Western New York. I have yet to scratch the surface of all there is to see, and experience in New York. Yes, there’s so many New York spots to visit.

Come, explore New York. It has so much to offer solo travelers, family vacation adventurers, friends who want to pull out all the stops together, and couples who just want to enjoy time alone.

Definitely visit New York spots throughout the state, not just NYC!

spots to visit in New York like Niagara Falls

Western New York


Niagara Falls

Allegany State Park

Upstate New York

Lake George, New York

Owego, New York