The 14 Things Dads with Daughters Need to Know

Dads with daughters often hear similar comments about being surrounded by women and how difficult it can be to raise girls. The reality is that having daughters can be an amazing privilege and those dads are blessed.

what dads with daughters need to know

Important things dads with daughters need to know

If you’re a girl dad, these are the 14 things dads with daughters need to know. Let’s explore 14 things dads with daughters should know.

She wants love.

Your daughter wants to be loved by you much more than she wants any material goods or life lessons. No one else can be her daddy, so you should never give her cause to doubt that you love her, no matter how she lets you down or what mistakes she makes. Be sure to remind her a lot that you love her.

You can influence her partner.

This might be daunting to some, but the type of father you are will directly affect the kind of man she will be with some day. If you’re being the right kind of father, she’ll be wanting to marry someone like you one day.

Listen to the music she likes.

When you’re driving your daughters around or hanging out, you should listen to the music she likes. Even if you don’t, you’ll let them develop their own music taste and see the joy in their faces when they hear the music they love

Love her mother.

Your daughter will be observing the way you treat her mother. Love her mother, no matter how wrapped up in the children’s activities you get. Make your marriage a priority, make time to take your wife out, and show your kids that their mother is your priority.

Stay present when she’s a teenager.

A lot of dads will take a step back when their daughters are teenagers. It’s awkward for everyone, but you want to stay emotionally engaged. Talk about Snapchat, armpit shaving, periods, and boyfriends. When their bodies change and their emotions are all over the place, stay present for them.

Teach her how to workout.

Teach your girls to play sports, and how to do real push-ups. Show them that ‘throwing like a girl’ is a compliment and not insulting. If you raise a girl who is physically tough, she will also be mentally tough. Don’t assume that because she’s a girl she’s interested in princesses and fairy tales.

Make great memories together.

You want to create as many great memories with your daughters as possible. Celebrate big things as well as little things, like game nights, dinners together, hiking and exploring nature. Create great memories that your daughter can cherish forever.

Teach her to be selfless.

One great lesson you can teach your daughter is that it’s not all about her. The universe doesn’t revolve around us, and her best life will be reached when she gives back to others, help others, and it’s okay to be wrong.

Attend important events.

As a father to daughters, you’re probably busy with your career. However, you need to make a real effort to attend her events, even if it’s not something you love. Go watch her sports, her school performances, and whatever else she’s interested in. And when you’re there, show your pride and interest, don’t look at your phone.

Be there for them.

Being around doesn’t mean that you’re there for them. When you get home from work, disconnect from your phone and spend some real, quality time with your daughter.

Help her with hair and nails.

Even if your wife is the main hair and nail helper, you can also volunteer to pain their nails, and even your own. It’s important to show your daughters that men can be gentle, patient and kind as well as women.

Take her out.

Taking your daughter out is a great way to show her how she should be treated. Be sure to open doors for them, pay the bills, look them in the eye during conversation, and make them feel special. Whether it’s for a hike, a bike ride, or dinner, be intentional and treat her right.

Show her to be kind instead of beautiful.

You have to remind her that what’s inside people matters a lot more than what’s on the outside. Whether it’s her heart, her self-worth, or her character, let them know what being beautiful truly means and how to be confident and comfortable with your appearance.

Don’t miss a moment.

It will go by fast, so don’t blink. Enjoy your role as her father because time will go by much quicker than you want.

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