Mommy is a student: how mothers can balance college and home life

Motherhood is a full-time commitment. Obtaining an education is also a full-time commitment. One of the most challenging things to do is balance motherhood and college. Oh, and to balance college and home life, too! Even though it may feel like a major juggling act, it is possible to balance the two.

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Mommy is a student: how mothers can balance college and home life

As long as you utilize the power of these four tips, you’ll be in great shape as a mother and a scholar.

1. Weekend Prep

Try to get as much done during the weekends as possible. During the week, things can get pretty hectic. If you try to run a load of laundry on a Monday night, you may struggle to find time during the week to dry it. Instead, just take care of laundry and other household chores during the weekend. Prepare family meals on Sundays. Half of the cooked meals can go into the refrigerator for the first two or three days of the week. The rest should be placed in the freezer. By Wednesday, pull the frozen meals out to defrost and continue enjoying pre-cooked meals during the week.

2. Early Rising

As a mom and a student, you’ll quickly learn that the early morning hours will be your holy grail of productivity. It’s important to get your rest so try to get in bed by 10 pm. Wake up between 4 and 5 am to get a head start on your work. Plus, it’s good to let your professors and advisers know the workload you’re balancing.

3. Scheduling

While it’s good to have a system with some fluidity to it, you don’t want to operate without a schedule. Block scheduling allows you to make time for the things you need and want to do. It also gives you room to breathe. Regardless of whether you are enrolled in a nursing master’s degree part time or you are jumping in full time on an MBA, you don’t want to create a schedule where you’re dictated down to the minute. As a mother, you never know what will come up with your kids and there needs to be some flexibility.

4. Support

It takes a lot of energy and effort to raise children and earn a degree. It’s also wise to call on your support system during this time. If you have family members and friends who are willing to help out, be open to receiving help. Look at the free resources you might have available. If you’re a single mom, you might be able to receive assistance for childcare. If you need certain educational resources for free, local and school libraries might have those available. It’s all about doing your research to find out about these outside supplemental resources.

There may be days when it all feels hopeless and difficult. There will be other days when it feels doable. Whatever you do, don’t quit. Before long, you’ll have your degree and you’ll be able to continue pursuing a better life for your family!

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