Most unique way to earn cash involves plasma

Honestly, I thought I’d heard every which way in the world to earn cash. Seriously, being in this business, I truly thought I’d heard it all. I’m here to say EMPHATICALLY, I was totally wrong. The most unique way to earn cash involves plasma. Not blood, but plasma. You can sell the plasma you have in your body for cash.

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Obviously, you can also donate it, but if you need cash, there’s always a place that will purchase your plasma. There’s just a few caveats to inform you of…..

Plasma for sale

Before you hang a sign around your  neck and start offering your plasma to strangers, you’ve got to make sure you’re at least 18 years of age, but not over the age of 69. You MUST weight at least 110 pounds. It’s what I’ve found on most of the research I’ve done on this topic. Yes, every article I write is researched, even the one about selling your plasma. So if you’re the right age, and you’re the right weight keep reading. It gets better.

If you’re going to donate, you have to find a place to actually make the donation. Yes, I’m referring to it as a donation. It’s a paid donation. Just to help out, in case it’s something you’re interested in doing, here’s a couple of websites to check out, perhaps search for a local donation center:

  • BioLife Plasma Services – has a lot of important guidelines, and information about Plasma donation and what the Plasma is used for once you’ve donated it.
  • Donating Plasma – again, has a spot to find a donation center in your area, plus a ton of amazing information on how Plasma is used to help save lives, and improve lives.
  • CSL Plasma – find your local spot to donate, as well as which locations pay for blood plasma.

Steps for selling plasma

  1. Fill out paperwork, and show some kind of identification. Legit I.D., such as a driver’s license, are required before anything is done. The paperwork is kind of a questionnaire to get the basics down, and see if you can then go to the next step: Physical Exam.
  2. If you’ve passed through the pre-screening, you’ll have to be checked over by a doctor. Basically, a physical exam. It’s done by the staff at the center, and if you pass, you’re moved to the next step: Donating.
  3. Screening is done, you’ve passed everything, now it’s time to donate. The process is called Plasmapheresis. It’s you being hooked up to a machine that takes the plasma from your body. It can take about 45 minutes, and once you’re done, you get your payment. Compensation varies, but usually falls between $20 and $40.
  4. Make another appointment, because you can give plasma up to twice a week if the facility allows it. Depending on the facility, donations can be made anywhere from once per month, to twice per week.

All kidding aside, this is an amazing donation if you can make a donation. The plasma you donate might save a life, or make someone’s life a lot easier when it’s used for therapies. Unfortunately, Long Island doesn’t have any locations that pay for plasma to be donated, so those of us on Long Island have to head out of New York, so if you’re out traveling in another area of the country and want to earn some extra cash, perhaps do something really helpful, go for it!

Always do your research, call ahead, and make sure you’re of age and the right weight before even thinking about donating plasma for cash!

It is a unique way to earn cash, isn’t it?

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  1. michele January 8, 2014 at 9:20 am

    not my thing but tons of people do it, there’s always a big line in the morning at the Plasma center here :-O

    • November Sunflower January 8, 2014 at 10:57 am

      A big line? Wow. I’d never heard of it until I stumbled across it the other day online. I thought it was a hoax, but it’s true. We don’t have anywhere to do it on Long Island that pays, though. I’d have to venture out of NY. But such an amazing way to give back, and still get a little something….

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