3 design elements to add to your home this year

Say goodbye to last year’s design staples and welcome this year’s top décor trends into your home. After you’ve enhanced your home’s curb appeal, head inside to tackle your interior.

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Ready to change a few design elements in your home?

We’ve compiled a list of the best design elements to easily incorporate into your home’s design for a truly elegant, upscale feel.

Say Hello to Brass and Copper Décor

Brass is the new stainless steel accent décor. It’ll be the year we bid stainless steel accents goodbye and welcome its charming country cousin, brass, into our home. From faucets to accent pieces, brass accents are an incredible welcome design element to amplify your home’s style this year.

When incorporated into design correctly, brass elements are quite warm and charming, especially when offset by porcelain or wood. However, stainless steel is still a design essential. You can add an unexpected touch of this go-to design metal by incorporating stainless steel balustrades throughout your home’s interior or in clever ways on the exterior.

Copper is the new gold. Toward the end of 2018, many interior designers saw the push to utilize rose gold or champagne gold in the home so many times, they likely never want to hear about it again. It was an absolutely charming trend that added an element of elegance into any room of the home.

Yet, its use quickly became so popular it was commonplace, leaving room for copper to make its grand re-debut this year. Copper’s gentle mix of reddish-orange tones and earthy hue feels like a warm breath of fresh air. This is certainly the year to use creative metals like copper to update your home’s design.

Get Creative with Tile Inspiration

Tile no longer lives only in the bathroom. Tile has transitioned over the past year to become a stunning design element in the kitchen and in art installations throughout various rooms.

Subway tile became a huge design trend in late 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down in 2019. The key to adding subway tile in your home décor: get as creative as possible! Figure out exactly where to use it, and how patterns can be made without altering the overall shape of the subway tile itself.

From geometric shapes to intricate art walls created by tile, patterns created by tile are huge in 2019 design. Tiles can come in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, tile patterns are getting exceptionally creative.

You can incorporate a creative tile design by utilizing tile accent walls or backsplashes with raised elements. Many of these raised tiles contain retro-inspired patterns. Many tile manufacturers are offering clients the option to create their own unique raised tile pattern custom to their home.

Vintage Lighting as a Focal Piece

This year’s interior design will have one key focal point in every important room: a truly stunning vintage lighting fixture. Chandeliers are the go-to pick to make the most of this 2019 design trend. Additionally, vintage sconces and pendants will create a soft ambiance that draws people to the center of the room. Vintage lighting fixtures are the perfect place to incorporate trending brass and copper elements to take advantage of two major 2019 design trends in one statement piece of décor.

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