Have a family? 3 Reasons You Need to be CPR Certified

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a lifesaving process that can give breath to someone in the case of cardiac arrest. CPR certification is an important skill for anyone new to parenthood. No one needs to experience a child not breathing to understand you need to be CPR Certified for your family. When someone stops breathing, their chance of survival doubles if CPR is performed, making it a vital part of any family’s safety plan. Knowing this life-saving skill helps ease a parent’s anxiety, and provides confidence when things hit emergency level status.

3 reasons you need to be cpr certified

The reasons you need to be CPR Certified for your family

Let’s take a close look at the top three reasons why you should stop what you are doing and become trained for the safety of your family today.

1. Save Lives

The primary reason to become certified is to save the lives of loved ones around you. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, they only have minutes to live. It’s hard to emphasize just how narrow the time window is to take action and use your skills. With proper training, you’ll be able to administer the correct treatment and maximize their chances of survival. With the assistance of an AED or another machine, you’re even more likely to succeed. When a CPR Certified person performs CPR correctly it makes a difference.

It’s vital to be properly trained in life-saving methods if you’re a parent. The reason: CPR’s performed differently on people of different ages. For example, small children have much smaller chest cavities than adults, making it only necessary to compress 1.5 inches down. However, regardless if it is an adult or a young child, there should still be 30 chest compressions. When performing CPR on an infant, only 2 fingers should be used.

2. Easy to Learn

CPR is extremely easy to learn. CPR procedures evolve every year, and many of these changes have been simplified to make the course accessible to everyone. In a CPR certification course, they will walk you through all the steps in a slow and methodical manner. You don’t have to enter the course knowing anything about CPR or medicine in general. As long as you have a willingness to learn, it only takes a few hours of your time, making it well worth it if your child’s life is at risk.

3. Lifelong Skill

Although CPR certification requires renewal every 2 years, the skills are lifelong and are something that can be utilized anywhere at any time if needed. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, you can spring to your feet and take action. Once certified, tell family and friends you’re trained and can perform CPR. Having this skill will allow you to keep your family safe and your kids happy.

Practical Ways to Obtain Certification

Online certification is a great way to quickly become CPR certified. Maybe you’re busy at work all day and don’t have time to attend a class during the daytime, or maybe you live in an area where there aren’t any high-quality CPR classes. Online certification is a great resource for those who the above situation applies to. As long as you have a webcam and a microphone, you’ll be able to receive the same instruction as those who take classes in person. Getting certified online allows flexibility if you already have kids.

In 2020, it doesn’t matter where you live because online CPR certification is extremely accessible, making it a necessity for all households. CPR certification gives you the confidence to act in a time of need to save loved family members. It’s certainly possible to perform CPR without proper certification, but it’s not nearly as effective. While you might be able to read the instructions for CPR on an AED, this can take too long for a do-or-die scenario. You also may not be employing the correct techniques needed. Instead, participating in proper training will result in correct and efficient CPR. You’ll learn CPR from a certified instructor and be familiar with all the small details that others might overlook.

In conclusion, these are three vital reasons why you need to learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, especially if you have a young family. Even if you think you may never need these skills, you never know what situation you might find yourself or a loved one in, making it well worth the time.

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