4 Items to Invest in if You’re a Regular Camper

What could be better than getting back to nature on a camping trip? Roughing it for a few days with friends and/or family can create memories you will love to look back on. However, camping is not as much fun when you don’t have what you need. You don’t have to be a regular camper to know there are things that, while you definitely can do without them, it’s better if you have them.

Regular Camper Essentials

Invest in these 4 things if you’re a regular camper

A Waterproof Tent

First and foremost, a good tent. You want to have one that keeps out the rain as well as the dew, which is a far more insidious threat. Firmly staking and tying your tent cover doesn’t save you. It’s important to invest in a tent that will keep the water out, thus keeping your belongings dry. Quality, outdoor airbeds are also a good idea, just make sure that if they are the electric fill kind they also have a way to manually pump them up. Oh yeah, and a manual air bed pump, just in case.


Invest in a battery powered generator as well as a power converter. In many cases, you can find these things in the auto and truck accessories categories on shopping sites. A generator is a better idea than using your car battery to charge your phone, and you want to keep your phone charged. Make sure you have extra batteries for the generator and some way to charge them in between camping trips. Having the generator will enable you to plug in a hot plate if dry wood is too scarce. No matter what you may need it for, having a generator is a great investment.

Camping Toilets

Another thing to consider: a travel or camping toilet. Don’t forget about the accessories you need for proper toilet use. The first order of business in setting up any campsite is deciding where you will answer nature’s call. A camping or travel toilet is important, as well as bags for proper waste disposal. It’s not hard to block off a small area of your campsite with tarp or something similar to give privacy.


Finally, you should have tarps. A few of them, two or three at least. Perhaps even enough to have one for each tent you plan to bring with you, or perhaps two per tent. That way you could lay one on the ground for some protection against accidental damage from below and one to cover the top in case of heavy rainfall. Rest assured, in a very heavy rainfall, even the most waterproof tent you can buy will let rain in. You want to bring a tarp for extra protection anyway, just in case of sudden, heavy rain.

There are a good many other things you will find it useful to invest in for camping, whether you are a once in a while camper or someone who camps regularly. These four things will help create a more comfortable camping experience. 

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