4 Pregnancy Resources You Need

Many women take a more natural approach to managing their pregnancy these days. More are opting for a home birth while others seek minimal medical support. But every mom-to-be should consider consulting these four pregnancy resources to ensure a safe and healthy experience for themselves and their infants.

pregnancy resources

4 of the most important pregnancy resources you’ll need


Even when a woman decides to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth, it is a good idea to have at least one checkup or more with a licensed obstetrician. A medical doctor can evaluate the patient’s health history as well as check her current condition and symptoms to ensure everything is going smoothly. The baby’s heartbeat can be evaluated and an ultrasound scheduled to confirm the child is healthy and developing normally. Even if the mom plans for a doctor-less birth, having an obstetrician on call is a wise backup plan in case the pregnant woman begins to experience problems.

Labor Coach and Partner

Going through labor is not easy. In some cases, the stages of labor can take hours or even a day or two. A labor coach provides emotional support and physical relief during the delivery period. Often, the coach or partner is a spouse or family member. At other times, it could be a nurse or a friend. It is a good idea to line up the person who plans to help during labor in advance, so that the individual can practice the steps that will be followed during the intensive labor and delivery phase. Reviewing videos and books as well as consulting any medical professionals who will be involved is a good idea, too.

Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding for the first time can be painful and difficult. Some new moms struggle with this adjustment and worry about their newborn’s nutritional needs if nursing is problematic. Consult a lactation specialist before delivering your child to ask questions and get advice. Good preparation for this important bonding experience can alleviate the parents’ stress and equip them with knowledge and equipment that could make the experience easier.

Midwife Support

More parents are choosing to hire midwives for assistance during pregnancy and delivery. A midwife is someone who has formally studied pregnancy and delivery and helps women through the various stages with information, guidance, and support. A midwife may be certified or in training for a certification, but many do not have this type of accreditation. Check the credentials of the midwife you have in mind as well as references to ensure the person is right for your pregnancy and delivery.

With an abundance of professional support available, take advantage of these resources to make pregnancy and childbirth as safe as possible.

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