4 Self-Care Gift Ideas for Your Loved One’s Quarantined Birthday

Birthdays during a pandemic can feel unconventional. Sometimes you need to get creative while celebrating and gift giving. Here are some gift ideas to help your loved one get through their quarantined birthday.


Quarantined Birthday Self-Care Ideas for your loved one

Care Packages

Care packages are a great gift idea, especially during quarantine. You can personalize them as much as you’d like. If your friend or family member needs some stress relief, make a package with candles, chocolate, bath bombs, lotion, and a journal. It’s a great idea to have some of these gifts already on hand too.

If your loved one needs entertainment, put together a basket of new movie or album releases. You can even opt to go for a pre-made set you think fits your loved one’s personality, like finding packages considered birthday gifts for her when shopping for your wife or girlfriend.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a good way to still show your support for small or local businesses during this time. You might also want to find a gift card for stores with online shops. This will allow your loved one to shop from the comfort of their home and find a gift they will definitely love. Gift cards for local restaurants or bakeries can be a good option for the foodie in your life.

Specialty Food

Speaking of the foodie in your life, check out specialty food you can order online. Find a variety of high-quality chocolates someone might not typically buy for themselves. For your adult friends, buy their favorite alcoholic beverage they usually only have on special occasions.

A New Hobby

Quarantine is a great opportunity to try something new. Your loved one might be itching for a new hobby, but doesn’t know where to start. If you have a hobby you enjoy that you think your friend would want to get into as well, share your knowledge. Get them what they need to get started. For the crafty personality, purchase some yarn and crochet needles along with a pattern for crocheted animals or clothing. For the lover of baking, purchase what they need to make fancy macarons and encourage them to learn a new baking technique.

A quarantined birthday doesn’t have to be a drag. Treat your loved one especially well this year and get them a present they will truly appreciate. Help them entertain and pamper themselves during this stressful time and consider one of the above suggestions for a great gift.

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