4 Signs of a Gas Leak

A gas leak can be a dangerous occurrence, but this problem isn’t always noticeable at first. If you have a gas leak inside or outside your home, you shouldn’t wait to have the situation resolved. Waiting puts you at risk.

gas leak signs

Signs You Have a Gas Leak in Your Home

When you know these four signs of a gas leak, you’ll be able to take quicker action if the problem occurs.

Rotting Smell

The most obvious sign of a gas leak: a rotten egg or cabbage odor inside your home. Natural gas powering homes doesn’t have an odor. In order to alert home occupants of a gas leak, utility companies often add mercaptan which emits a foul smell.

Unusually High Gas Bill

If you notice that your gas bill is unusually high, it might mean there’s a gas leak. A higher bill means a leak is wasting your gas. Gas can leak through breaches in gas lines that are inside and outside the home, and professionals like Pipeworks Services can look for cracks or holes along your line and do any necessary repair work. To prevent gas leaks, professionals inspect your gas line to make sure it’s attached correctly.

Dead or Discolored Plants

The plants inside your home can suddenly die for different reasons, but a gas leak shouldn’t be ruled out if all your plants seem to be dying around the same time. Gas fumes can also change the colors of certain plants as well as fruits and vegetables that may be growing from some of your plants. Even a slow leak that you aren’t able to detect right away can kill or discolor plants.

Bubbling Water

Puddles around the outside of your home could start to bubble because of a gas leak that’s occurring in an underground pipe. You can apply soapy water to your gas tank’s valve and regulator and the rest of the hose assembly to test for gas leaks. Water bubbling after the system is pressurized indicates a positive result.

A gas leak can be a scary situation. Avoid putting yourself in danger and hire a professional! They’re able to test for gas leaks, and properly repair gas lines and gas system components.

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