4 simple frugal laundry tips

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Frugal. It’s not a bad word! Frugal is a lifestyle, and one to be proud of. It’s possible to be frugal in multiple areas of your life. Yes, I’m sure at some point in your life, you were taught how to do laundry: read the labels, wash clothing according to the directions. Warm, hot, cold, with like colors. After they’re washed, it’s the DRYER that KILLS the clothing. Considering all of this, I’ve created 4 simple frugal laundry tips to make life easier, and cheaper!

4 simple frugal laundry tips

Simple frugal laundry tips

  1. Wash EVERYTHING in cold. It saves on electricity, which saves money.
  2. Do people really need to wash something after wearing it one time? Do jeans get dirty enough to have to clean them after every wearing? No. Unless someone “goes commando” – washing jeans after two wearings is totally acceptable. Same goes for a sweatshirt worn over a t-shirt. Unless dirt gets on the outside of the shirt, or you sweat profusely, the sweatshirt can go a couple of wears before it hits the washing machine.
  3. As for the dryer….invest in some racks to air dry clothing on. There are actually special racks for sweaters so sweaters can dry flat (in order to keep their shape, sweaters should be air dried laying flat anyway.) Hang shirts and pants on hangers around the house – on doorknobs, off of the top of the door, on a bathroom shower rod. Clothes don’t take a super long time to dry when hung up. During the nice weather, hang them on a clothes line outdoors. Does the thought of a clothes line make you cringe? No worries. Hang things up on hangers in the house, just do it near open windows. They smell great and dry relatively fast. No dryer needed!
  4. Don’t use so much detergent!!! There is no need. You can also make your own detergent, which saves more money.

Try just one of the 4 simple frugal laundry tips. Slowly incorporate all four into your laundry routine, and the savings will start to add up. I promise!

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