4 Tips for Helping Your Kids with Braces

When you know your child has dental malocclusions, it’s important to prepare for professional orthodontic treatment. It’s essential to help your kids with braces in order to have the best outcome from a treatment plan.

dark haired woman smiling with braces on teeth 4 tips for helping your kids with braces

4 helpful tips to assist your kids with braces

Here are four tips for helping your child during orthodontic treatment.

Plan to Cook the Appropriate Foods for Your Child

Your child must consume a softer diet while wearing braces to avoid breaking the wires, or damaging the brackets. A child will need a nutritious daily diet, but softer foods are essential. It also helps if foods are chopped into tiny pieces. Before an orthodontist places braces on your child’s teeth, maybe experiment with cooking soups, or stir-fries, that are easy to chew.

Having a Supply of Ice Packs for a Child’s Face

When your child receives braces, it leads to some pain in their teeth, gums and jawbone. However, you can help your child feel better by applying ice packs to each side of the face. Perhaps purchase small ice packs with a special strap so the ice packs remain against both sides of the face for up to 20 minutes. This is a natural way to help your child feel better while the teeth begin to shift into the proper positions in the gums.

Can Your Child Use Clear Plastic Aligners Instead?

While braces can feel uncomfortable, you can also request an Invisalign consultation with an orthodontist. Clear plastic aligners are more comfortable to wear, and the devices are removable while a child:

  • eats food
  • drinks beverages
  • performs oral hygiene

With the aligners, a child will have less discomfort during the treatment process, making it easier for a child to cope.

Taking Pain Relievers for the Discomfort from Braces

A parent can supply pain relievers to a child to alleviate discomfort. It’s possible to buy oral pain relievers at a drugstore, or alternatively, your physician can prescribe medication formulated for children. Make sure to use the proper dosage for your child to avoid any side effects. Nighttime is a great time for giving your child the medication so your son or daughter can sleep comfortably.

Last, you should have a positive attitude about orthodontic treatment to help your child feel better. Help your child to understand that the discomfort from the braces will decline gradually, but having straight teeth will last the rest of their lives.

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