4 Tips for Moving with Small Children

Having small children in the house makes life fun, but this does require you to take a few extra steps when you are planning an upcoming move. Young children get excited about moving, but they may not fully understand everything going on. Taking to your kids about the move and using a few strategies to help them prepare makes moving with small children easier.

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4 tips to help make moving with small children easier

Moving’s stressful. Moving with small children is downright deadly. November Sunflower did it with a toddler and a nine-month-old years ago. Unfortunately, it was a struggle without these tips!

Find Age-Appropriate Ways They Can Help

Seeing mom pack their belongings in boxes can sometimes upset young children. Most of the time they don’t understand they’ll get them back. Find ways for your child to help so they have a sense of control over what’s happening. For instance, your toddler can put some things into a box and decorate the outside of it with stickers so they know the movers will know it’s theirs.

Show Them Their New Room and Neighborhood

As you look at single family homes for sale, keep an eye out for ones that fit your family’s lifestyle. Once you find the ideal one, consider taking your child on a tour where they can see their new room and where it fits in the overall layout of the house. You can also show your child pictures of their new neighborhood online so they can imagine themselves playing at the local park; and, visiting other fun places in their new neighborhood.

Appoint Someone to Watch Them on Moving Day

The actual day of your move can be hectic. Your child may react to the stress of seeing everyone running around moving the boxes out. Consider having an extended family member care for your kids while you help supervise the move. It’ll help having someone there to give them emotional support if you’re busy handling other things.

Pack a Box for the First Night

The first night in your new house may be busy. You may not know where everything is just yet, but your child needs to stick to their normal routine if possible. Prepare a box filled with everything your child needs for their first night in their new home. Include their favorite pajamas and stuffed toy, or favorite blanket. They’ll sleep better and develop positive feelings for their new home right away.

Once you’ve found the perfect home and started the moving process, take some time to check in with your children. Watch their behavior to make sure they’re handling the move well. Be patient as everyone makes the transition to your new home. By keeping some comfort items around and giving your child some extra attention, you can help your move go smoother.

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