4 Ways to Get Rid of Post-Christmas Clutter

Christmas is a wonderful time when everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. Even though you appreciate your loved one’s generosity, more often than not, you end up with post-Christmas clutter

post-christmas clutter

4 simple ways to deal with your post-Christmas clutter

This year, start the post-Christmas time off right by using these four strategies to get rid of post-Christmas clutter that takes up space and drains your energy.

Start with Your Storage Areas

Most people immediately begin trying to deal with the current year’s post-holiday clutter. However, this means that they never get down to the deeper stuff. Try starting with your storage areas. Open up those old boxes that you haven’t seen in years to see what you definitely do not need. You’ll get rid of items that you have no use for anymore, and it’ll create more storage space for the things that you keep.

Identify Resalable Collectibles

Some of your old junk can truly be someone else’s treasure. Don’t overlook the potential value of things! Many collectors want popular vintage toys from the past that they can add to their collections. You can also easily sell them using platforms such as Wheeljackslab where people go to find their favorite vintage brands.

Toss Out Broken Items

As you sort through things, you’ll find items that are no longer usable. Be honest with yourself about whether or not they are fixable. In fact, you might even have a box of things that you keep meaning to repair. Be ruthless as you check these items. If you haven’t fixed it by now, then it can likely go in the trash.

Donate Old Clothing

Many local charities experience a slump in donations after the holidays are over. It’s the perfect time to rid your home of post-Christmas clutter! Look for clothing still in good condition that someone else might be able to wear. Ask your local charities if they need some items you’re no longer using. For instance, many workforce centers want professional clothing that people can wear to job interviews. Since clothing is bulky, you can quickly clear a lot of space just by cleaning out your closet.

Keeping clutter under control makes it easier to keep your house clean and find what you want when you need it. Whether you’re still hanging on to old toys from your past or need to eliminate the excess items in your kid’s room, finding a place to put your unwanted items allows you to move forward. Just remember to take your removal of post-Christmas clutter slow, and view anything that you haven’t touched in a year as being eligible to sell, donate or throw away.

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