4 Ways to Help Your Family Stay Happy and Safe During Quarantine

If your family is facing quarantine during a COVID-19 outbreak, organize activities that’ll help keep everyone relaxed and content whilst staying home. Being stuck in your house for several days or a couple of weeks takes a toll on you.  Plan some things to do that will help everyone in the family to make the most of the situation when staying safe during quarantine.

stay happy and safe during quarantine

Keep your family happy and safe during quarantine using these four ideas

Physical Activities

Encourage everyone to use the exercise bike or track their steps indoors and outside to meet daily goals. Physical movement helps a person in several ways:

  • by improving mood
  • strengthening muscles and bones
  • enhancing coordination
  • supporting cognition
  • along with numerous other benefits

Exercise can be fun as a group or provide time to meditate or relax when alone.

Mental Health

Anyone can become anxious, worried, or depressed in quarantine. You might wonder if COVID symptoms will appear, or if they have already developed, if they will get worse. You could also worry about lost wages or loved ones getting sick. This is a good time to stay connected with others through video chats and phone calls as well as social media.

It also helps people feel better when they help others instead of focusing on their own concerns. If you have the means, try donating to a charity. If you don’t have the monetary means, try helping remotely in some way. It’s good therapy to help others. Looking at family photos and sharing happy memories or future plans are more ways to connect with others and emphasize positive thoughts.


Being quarantined is a unique experience for most of us. One of the benefits is having unexpected time to do things you otherwise might not get to do. Urge everyone to do something creative, such as:

  • write poetry or a story
  • compose music on an instrument
  • paint a picture
  • cook a gourmet dish

Family members will likely enjoy their creative expression. Heck, some of you may be impressed by each other’s imaginative efforts.

Online Entertainment

For individual or family fun time, contact your internet provider to update your home’s service, so everyone can play interactive games or watch movies and do other things they would like to try online. The Internet offers endless possibilities for amusement and entertainment with various activities for everyone’s interests.

Quarantine can be more of a blessing than a burden when you use the gift of time sequestered with loved ones to appreciate each other’s unique talents and share quality time together.

About the Writer: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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