Spending VDay with Verizon FiOS & my 5 favorite Valentine’s Day movies

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Spending Valentine’s Day with Verizon FiOS watching my 5 favorite Valentine’s Day movies means perfection, to me. I’m not a big fan of the day, whether in a romantic relationship, or not. It’s never been a big holiday for me. I much prefer hanging at home, and watching movies while I eat all my favorite foods! No one bugging me is a good thing, too.

Spending VDay with Verizon FiOS & my 5 favorite Valentine’s Day movies

Spending VDay with Verizon FiOS & my 5 favorite Valentine’s Day movies

When it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I always feel like people force it. Every day with the person you love, is a day for celebration. One day out of the year? Just nonsense. Don’t even get me started on the people who get engaged on Valentine’s Day. I just can’t. If that’s your thing, good on you. I’m more inclined to hang at home, eating my favorite foods, watching movies. If I happen to have someone to eat with, and watch movies with, awesome. If not, not a big deal.

So, what movies are on my Verizon FiOS DVR? Glad you asked!

5 Favorite Valentine’s Day movies to watch on the big day

This Means War

Who doesn’t want to watch Chris Pine and Tom Hardy on Valentine’s Day? I mean, seriously. Plus, fighting over a chick in the most awesome of ways? Stalking her. Spying on her. Shooting tranquilizer darts with amazing precision. It’s magic. This Means War is one of my all-time favorite movies to not just watch, but put it on again as soon as it is over, and watch it again!

The Money Pit

It’s not the most romantic one Tom Hanks has done, but The Money Pit is not just hysterical, but it’s a great love story. A real love story. Who hasn’t had to survive through house hunting, along with a bit of a remodel on a house? It’s as real as it gets in life. Plus, the bath tub going through the floor results in the most iconic movie scene of all time. Just watch it, and you’ll understand. It’s pure gold.

Brown Sugar

Taye Diggs. Enough said, am I right? Brown Sugar has one of the best soundtracks ever done for a movie, if you love Hip Hop. Real Hip Hop, from the likes of our old school library of talented artists. However, the best part of the movie? When two people FINALLY admit to a love that’s been obvious since their youth. Sometimes, those childhood loves truly are the ones that last a lifetime. Soul mates exist. Even if for 90 minutes…..

Say Anything

John Cusack winning over the most popular girl in his senior class AFTER they’ve already graduated? I mean, who does that kind of stuff? Say Anything is all kinds of awesome, but when he holds that boom box up at her window…….dang, your heart just falls out of your chest, doesn’t it? Then, when he hands that pen to her father? Priceless. He gets the girl, and gets to have no father screwing it all up – perfection.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Truly, my favorite John Hughes movie ever made. My affection for Gingers aside, it’s the love story we’ve all lived through, isn’t it? You pine for one person, he pines for another, and as the best friend, you’re stuck helping the sorry sucker out. You’re brought in to win her over, while you’re heart breaks on the sidelines. The spin on Some Kind of Wonderful? Well, you have to watch it to learn why I totally love this one. You know, beyond Eric Stoltz. Red hair, blue eyes…. if he was a lefty, forget it. I would have hunted him down and married him.

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