5 fun arts and crafts to teach your kids

The most meaningful time you’ll ever spend with your kids is when you’re teaching them how to create something. Teach them fun arts and crafts! It’ll increase their motor skills and self-esteem while sharing laughter and stories. 

fun arts and crafts for parents to do with their kids

5 fun arts and crafts to teach your kids

Here are our five favorite fun things to teach your kids!

Creating Holiday Ornaments

Homemade holiday ornaments are a special way to mark the season. Just a few affordable items and you’re ready to create something unforgettable! Some of our classic favorites are:

  • salt dough ornaments
  • pom-pom ornaments
  • dried citrus ornaments
  • wrapped yarn ornaments

Best of all, the how-to instructions are all one quick Google search away.

Having Creative Fun Outdoors

Outdoor arts and crafts might just be the next frontier for you! This may include specifically outdoorsy things like leaf art and rock painting, or sometimes it may just mean messy fun in the outdoors with easy hose-down cleanups, such as squirt painting and water balloon art! Or get silly in the sun and create art that you can hang outdoors.

Making Slime and Squishies

Kids absolutely adore slime and putty, and going the DIY route rather than buying these sensory treats at the store is smart and fun! Feeling the ooey-gooey textures is a joy for any kid, and as an adult, you understand that these sensory toys help with motor skills and even offer stress relief after a long day of learning!

Playing the Hide and Seek Rock Game

Have you ever unexpectedly found a painted rock when you’re playing with your kids at the park or maybe even in a parking lot? Well, you’ve unwittingly been a part of the Kindness Rocks game or Traveling Rock project! It’s purely for the purpose of spreading joy. Paint them, share them, find them, and collect them!

Crafting Beautiful Designer Bows

While every child loves to open presents, many children also enjoy wrapping the gifts! If your son or daughter has shown an affinity for this, forego the store-bought bows this year and spend some quality time learning how to make a bow together. We love the Bowdabra kit, which has been featured on the CBS Early Show. You can also create hair bows and fashion accessories!

Once you’ve pumped up your child’s creativity with our five fun starter ideas, take a look at the lovingly curated Parents.com’s Kids Crafts section that is jam-packed with everything from STEM and STEAM crafts to paper crafts and so much more!

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