At-Home Fun: 5 Family Summer Activities to Try

With the encroaching summer season comes the need to entertain your children. They’re out of school, and your best bet at keeping them out of trouble: keeping them exhausted. One of the best solutions for doing just that? Family summer activities. This not only nurtures the bond and connection between all family members, but also ensures your kids are safe and having fun. It can be difficult to keep coming up with new ideas, however. That’s where this article can help.

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At-home fun: 5 family summer activities

Here are five family activities that you can enjoy with your family this summer.

Giant Painting

If your kids love to make a mess, then you should utilize that talent by making it a piece of art. Grab a huge canvas—something like a white sheet or piece of paper works great—and place it in the backyard. Let your kids wear some old clothes that they can dirty up, and then cover them in the paint. They can roll around, finger paint, spill, and essentially do whatever they want on the canvas. They’ll have a great time and you’ll have a unique piece of art. Be careful with clean up. After removing their art from the splash zone, bring out the hose and spray off any lingering paint and dirt. This can easily turn into a fun water war so prepare yourself!


For children who have a lot of energy and creativity, you can funnel that into acting. Have them build a makeshift indoor stage and give them a topic for them to make a short play around. You can make it a big affair and even dress up to see their show or make it impromptu and casual. Whether they’re acting themselves or using sock puppets, they’ll have a lot of fun.

Scavenger Hunts

Everyone loves looking for treasure. It’s an adventure and a great opportunity to encourage imagination and creativity. You can bury or hide something and then leave clues for your children to find. This is an activity that can be done many times and it never gets old. You can make up themes and backstories—the possibilities are endless!

Family Movie Nights

Once or twice every week, you can have a family movie night. It shouldn’t just be everyone crowding around a TV either. Make it a huge, fun affair. Build a blanket fort for everyone to watch it in. Or maybe even have it outside in the backyard at night with a projector and larger screen. Make it fun, new, and interesting. Themed snacks and costumes can take your normal movie activity to the next level and make it a fantastic event.

Be sure that whatever setup you choose, you have the right equipment. If your family loves to watch movies together and snuggle on the couch, invest in a home theater system. If your family likes to spread out and be in the backyard, look into projectors and screens. Whatever you decide, get the family excited and settle in for a fun time.

Board Game Nights

If your family enjoys a good board game, you can never go wrong with a game night. You can set up a rotating game-choosing schedule, pull game names out of a hat, or even make a list of must-play games for the summer. Special game-night snacks and some good competition can involve the entire family and get everyone into the magic of board games.

Entertaining your family at home can be easier than you think. Don’t be afraid to make activities your own! It’s the personal touches that make them special and memorable for everyone involved.

About the Writer: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.

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