5 No-tech Social Distancing Activities to Enjoy With Others

Your family needs to maintain social distance and emotional connection with others. It can be a tricky balancing act. By now, you probably have family fun figured out and you know how to reach out to others virtually. Yet you may long for activities you can do safely and in-person with friends. You’re craving some no-tech social distancing activities, we know.

5 no-tech social distancing activities to enjoy with others

5 No-tech Social Distancing Activities to Enjoy With Others

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can help prevent the spread of contagious ailments by taking certain precautions such as staying six feet away from others. Other measures include washing your hands, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and wearing a mask around others. With the proper safeguards, your family may be able to take part in socially distanced get-togethers in small groups.

How can you tell if an activity is relatively safe? The CDC recommends following the guidelines of your local health department and exercising good judgment. Activities carry less risk when:

  • Events take place outdoors
  • You can wear a mask while participating
  • There will be at least six feet between participants
  • You will not be sharing equipment
  • You can stay close to home, especially avoiding public transit
  • Participants can wash hands frequently
  • Only a limited number of people will be present; ideally less than 10

If you and your family do decide to venture out, first check to be sure no one in the family has a fever or any other symptoms of illness. Be vigilant about hygiene and safety practices. Here are some simple activities the whole family can enjoy.


Some coastal communities created dangerous situations by crowding beaches as soon as they opened, but that does not mean swimming is bad. On the contrary, there is currently no evidence that viruses are spread through the water.

If you prefer not to take your chances at public pools or crowded shorelines, look for pool builders near me and begin the process of building your own backyard pool.


If you do not like swimming but still want to be on the water, boating can be a fun way to spend a day. Throwing a big party on a recreational pontoon is a bad idea, but kayaking is a perfect option. Solo lake and ocean kayaks often run 10 to 12 feet in length, which ensures you will stay the proper distance from others on the water. Tandem kayaks can be shared by members of the same household.

River kayaking may require extra skill, so check the current and conditions if you plan to put your vessel in a river. Also develop a plan for put-in and take-out locations and transportation.


To avoid crowds, go early in the morning or near sunset; be sure to carry a flashlight and extra insect repellent. Use local trails or explore ones farther from home that may be less populated. Install a GPS app on your smartphone for safety. You may prefer a dedicated hiking app so you can locate a trail that suits your length and difficulty requirements. Meet a friend or two at the trailhead and keep your distance while on the path. Have your mask handy in case you encounter fellow hikers.


Time to dust off those handlebars and air up those tires. Hit a few multi-use or dedicated bike trails and discover some favorites to ride with friends. You may enjoy a physical challenge or a scenic jaunt, a lengthy day trip or a quick evening pedal. If it has been a while since you have ridden a bike, start small and build up to more ambitious trips.

BYOE Picnicking

When you have had your fill of physical activity, go to a park for an old-fashioned picnic. Picnics are often safer than backyard barbecues. Public parks are typically large enough to encourage proper space between participants, and there is no pressure for anyone to serve others. Follow the bring-your-own-everything model for added protection. Each family brings everything they need so there is no sharing of dishes, serving utensils or finger foods. You reduce the chances of transferring germs but everyone gets to share in the fun.

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