5 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Boat

For many boat owners, repainting their vessel is a necessary but dreaded task. Not only is it time-consuming and expensive to repaint your boat, but it can also be difficult to know when the job needs to be done in the first place. Let’s help decrease the stress!

repaint your boat

Do You When It’s Time to Repaint Your Boat

To help you out, here is a list of five surefire signs that it’s time to break out the paint brushes and get to work.

Chips and Fades

One of the most obvious indications that your boat needs a new paint job is if the existing paint is beginning to chip or fade. Not only does this make your boat look older than it actually is, but it can also lead to more serious problems down the road. Once the paint starts wearing away, it exposes the underlying materials to the elements, which can speed up the deterioration process.

Bare Spots or Rust

If you can see any bare spots or rust on your boat, it’s definitely time for a new coat of paint. Allowing rust to form on your boat not only looks unsightly, but it can also cause long-term damage. Rust weakens metal, making it more susceptible to breaking or tearing. Once rust starts to form, it’s only going to spread if left untreated, so nip the problem in the bud by repainting as soon as possible.

Bad Color Scheme

If you’re simply tired of looking at your boat’s current color scheme, then there’s no harm in giving it a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job is a great way to breathe new life into an old vessel without having to buy a brand-new one. In this process, it’s important to include professionals like Custom Marine Finishes. They can help you choose a great color scheme and do expert labor to paint your boat and have it last!

Increased Value Needed

If you’re thinking about selling your boat in the near future, then giving it a new paint job is a great way to increase its resale value. A well-maintained and good-looking boat will always fetch a higher price than one that looks like it’s seen better days. Make sure you look into current trends to pick the best colors.

Upcoming Event

If you’re planning on taking part in any kind of boating event or race, then you’ll want your vessel to look its best. A fresh coat of paint (in a color that matches your race team’s colors) will make your boat stand out from the rest and show everyone that you mean business.

Whether your boat’s current paint job is chipping, fading, or simply not doing it for you anymore, repainting is always an option worth considering—and maybe even necessary from time to time depending on how often you use and store your vessel. By being mindful of these five signs, you can ensure that your boat always looks its best both now and in the future.

About the Writer: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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