5 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Professional Counseling

Nothing makes a parent feel frustrated and uncertain as a negative change in their child’s behavior. For instance, you might have felt clueless on what to do with your child when his or her grades took a nosedive. A visit to the school on a disciplinary incident that affected your kid leaves you unsure of the course of action to take since the teachers want to suspend your child.

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Or, you might have noticed a change in your kid’s behavior. This could be a change:

  • in the way they eat
  • sleeping patterns
  • engagement with others
  • their social pattern

However, even with tons of information on the internet you’re not always able to make the correct call since you’re not sure of the extent of therapy your kid needs. Let’s face it, sometimes a simple sit down with your kid is enough to straighten out small issues. On the other hand, if you’ve had a conversation with your child, and truly aren’t sure your child could benefit from professional counseling, there are solid signs parents can watch for!

5 signs your child could benefit from professional counseling

The following are the signs you need to look out for:

1. Persistent Display of Feelings That Goes for 3 Months and More

If your child has signs of sadness, anger issues, and violent outbursts, always anxious, is afraid most of the time, feels unable to have control, prefers seclusion, shows signs of worry, or is in depression, they might need prompt action. You might notice the symptoms in the kid’s conversation, lifestyle, and daily activities. Don’t let these symptoms go untreated. Search for a counselor in your area. For instance, if you live in Georgia you can find counseling in Alpharetta, GA, or search for a location closest to you.

2. Obsessions and Always Preoccupied

Daily routines can be a source of information on the mental health of your child. An obsessive routine is beautifying routines that don’t seem to work, bodybuilding exercises, shape management routines, IQ improvement practices, and many others. Address these obsessive routines, as they may be more serious than you think they are.

You might also notice your kid is always finding preoccupations and is always busy with something that might not be important. These preoccupations could be persistent bathing, frequent cleaning of hands, always organizing their belongings in a specific way, watching TV in an excessive way, computer games, etc. All these are signs of a child who needs professional counseling. These obsessions and preoccupations could also grow into a point of emotional outbursts and explosiveness.

3. Unexpected Change of Behavior

If your child:

  • was a football fan
  • used to enjoy skating or snowboarding

But suddenly, he or she doesn’t like the sport anymore, you might need to enlist a professional counselor’s services. These changes indicate a negative change in preferences. Other avenues you might identify changes include:

  • eating habits
  • inexplicable drop in grades if the child is a bright student
  • lack of sleep
  • lost interest in grooming
  • lost interest in current friends, school, and even neighborhood

In the process of growth and changing interests, identity changes come into place. However, the influx of information the children get from the outside world does not drastically change their interests. Clothing, music, movies, and perception of valuables may change, but the behavior and daily life patterns might not change.

4. Lost Abilities

Watch out for these changes:-

  • Your child cannot make the correct decision or any decision at all
  • They are unable to complete given tasks and chores
  • They cannot concentrate when required, unable to say what they want, and tend to let go of their mistakes.

With the above changes, your child needs professional counseling. Mastery of these changes is also a task that takes time. If the kid loses the capability in these areas after a long time mastering them, you will need to get your kid a professional counselor. If in Alpharetta, Georgia, you can visit Karen Whitehead counseling or other counseling institutions closest to you.

5. Destructive Activities

If your child exhibits destructive behavior, or airs suicidal sentiments, get them counseling. You might identify the abuse of drugs, self-mutilation, violent interactions with other people or children, obsession with weapons, or violent actions. All signs your child needs professional help.

If your child loses track in his or her childhood, restoring them would be difficult. Therefore, it is vital to watch the above and other signs that might suggest your child is suffering. Then take the appropriate counseling actions.

About the Writer: Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.

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