5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More

Technology is sweeping into the lives of children at earlier and earlier ages. With TV shows now accessible on phones, along with games and puzzles in a virtual format, it can seem hard to interest your child in a book. This digital age doesn’t have to replace the world of written words, though. There are ways to get your kids to read more. In fact, you can even use the accessibility of technology to introduce your child to reading and help influence their entertainment choices.

ways to get your kids to read more

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More

Fall is on its way and temperatures will start to drop. There are plenty of indoor activities that your kids can learn to love. Here are some simple ways you can make reading one of them.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late

Some children may not seem to catch onto reading until they’re closer to eight or nine, while others teach themselves as early as age three or four. Don’t be discouraged if your child doesn’t take to it right away. The trick is to support their efforts regardless of the results. Get excited over every milestone, whether it be mastering a word, a chapter, or an entire novel.

Explore the Options

Many children claim that they don’t like reading, but they love a certain book. This usually means it is not reading itself they hate as much as it is what they are required to read. Help them explore other options for reading materials. If they are reading classics and thick novels in school, suggest a book that’s easier to read, full of action or romance.

Remember that books are categorized into grade levels only to help guide readers, not to force them into one genre or style. It only takes one great book to remind you how much fun reading is.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

The hardest part about reading is accessibility. Maybe there’s a book your child wants to read more than anything, but the library doesn’t have it and it’s expensive to order online. Consider online books that you can read on iPads, kindles, or even your phone.

There are countless ePub readers where you can create free accounts for a wide range of online book options. Almost all libraries have an online database as well that you can sign into using your library card. They allow for book and audiobook downloads too, perfect for when you’re on the go.

Read a Book With Your Child

There’s nothing more fun than quoting book lines and laughing over the same jokes with your child. Show them how reading is fun for all ages by reading the same book with them. Not only does this create special memories of sharing an exciting story together, but it also motivates you and your child to finish the book.

If your child has a hard time reading, whether they’re still too young or struggle with dyslexia, this can also be a great opportunity to read aloud to them, making those moments together even sweeter and more memorable. Find great book suggestions on websites such as Goodreads, or choose one of your childhood favorites.

Teach Them the Power and Pleasure of Words

The biggest way to help kids become interested in reading is to show them that books can hold just as much or even more excitement and fun than video games and apps. Tell them about the stories, the fairy tales, and hero adventures that await.

Explain how when you read, you get to go on those journeys with the characters. As the child grows older, emphasize how life-changing a book can be: how a few words can make you cry or laugh and give you insight into the thoughts and attitudes of others.

Let your children choose reading from a young age. Introduce them to books. Provide them with library cards and reading material, whether online or in audiobook format, as soon as they are old enough to talk. Words hold power and teach empathy, and the sooner each child can understand this, the sooner they will be swept away by the world of books.

Let your child use technology to read, encourage audiobooks, and share the stories with them. Never underestimate your child’s ability to read, understand, and appreciate literature, but rather encourage your child to make books become their default choice of entertainment.

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