5 things to remember when Planning a Family Reunion

Family reunions can be a great time to catch up with loved ones who you just don’t get to see too often. However, planning a family reunion sometimes feel like a headache. It doesn’t have to feel this way!

5 Things You Need to Remember When Planning a Family Reunion

5 things to remember when Planning a Family Reunion

However, if you consider these five tips, you’ll be well on your way to having an easy time planning your next family reunion.

Determine How Many Family Members You’re Going to Invite

Planning a family reunion can turn into a large-scale party real quick for most. You need to determine which extended family members you’re going to invite. This could extend your guest list by a ton. You need to know how many people you’re willing to invite from the very start and where you’re going to be drawing the line.

Consider Everyone’s Location

Unless your family stays local, it’s likely that you have family members scattered throughout various areas. It’s best to consider everyone’s location before you choose a destination. You should opt for a place that is in a town where the majority of the family members are living or is within a short distance of them. This will help to narrow down your options of venues for hosting the reunion.

Decide on Food Options

Paying for food for a lot of family members can get a little expensive. However, you may find it easier to have a catering contractor prepare the food than trying to line up who will be bringing all of the various food options. When planning a menu, try to pick a variety of items so that everyone will be sure to find something that they enjoy to eat.

Take the Weather Into Account

Depending on the time of year that you decide to have your family reunion, it may dictate where you can have it. If the reunion will be in the summertime, you may find it ideal to plan an outdoor picnic reunion. However, if it’s in the late fall, an indoor venue may be better. Always ensure that you have an alternative if the weather gets inclement during the reunion.

Consider Any Special Needs

It’s likely that you’re going to have some elderly family members coming who may need assistance with a wheelchair or a walker. You should consider their special needs when determining a facility to have your reunion at. In addition, if there will be young children, having a quiet get-a-way space for nap time may be a very intelligent consideration.

Planning a family reunion can be fun and stressful all wrapped into one. There are many things that you’ll need to take into consideration when doing so. The above five tips should help you to have a smooth planning process for your next family reunion.

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