5 Tips for Capturing Great Family Photos

Capturing great family photos is important. They document the growth and evolution of your family tree. Elaborate family photos might seem like a big chore. However, your entire family will appreciate them as you all grow older. Plus, you’ll make tons of memories as you all prepare for the experience. As you work on preparing to capture the most beautiful family moments, consider the following tips.

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5 Tips for capturing great family photos

Bring snacks.

When it’s time to do a photoshoot, you’ll want to reserve an entire day for prep, shooting and more. It takes time to get everyone’s hair, clothing and makeup in place. Then, you have to make sure everyone smiles and looks happy for the pictures. However, one thing you don’t want to forget is food. Pack a basket of snacks. If anyone needs a quick bite, they can grab a bag of chips or a simple piece of fruit. If you’re traveling to get to the photoshoot, pack sandwiches for the ride home. When the bellies are full, most people tend to be a lot more pleasant to work with.

Have a change of clothing.

You never know what might happen. It’s wise for everyone to pack a change of clothes. Whether the baby throws up, or someone has to change a flat tire on the way to the photoshoot, an extra outfit always makes things easier. While it might seem like an extra step to take, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. This is especially true for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. If a baby has a blowout in their new outfit, you’ll at least have a backup outfit! Also, be sure to have your own protective wear to take care of any potential accidents or clean-up mishaps.

Book the right family photographer.

Regardless of your family’s size, it’s essential to find a photographer who can handle the family dynamic. While it can be wildly entertaining to watch, it can become an all-encompassing experience to make sure each person is in place. This gets even more complicated when you have to factor in a newborn. Thankfully, there are photographers who specialize in newborn photography if that’s what you need.

There are photographers everywhere that cater to your needs whether you’re looking for newborn photography in Austin, or a family photographer in San Diego or New York. Don’t be afraid to have real conversations with your potential photographer to figure out if you’re a good match. When you’re able to find the right photographer, they’ll probably be the one you call on for all of your future family photoshoots.

Consider a contingency plan for outdoor shoots.

Outdoor shoots can be absolutely stunning. Even with checking the weather to make sure it’ll be great, it’s still wise to reserve an indoor location in case the weather proves to be uncooperative. If you choose to do the photoshoot in your home, this eliminates the need for travel.

For a really festive photoshoot, it’d be nice to choose a museum or a local landmark as your shooting location. In that case, be sure to get permission from the location owners. Even if you’re planning to shoot in an iconic park, it’s wise to find out if you need a permit or permission to do so. Always plan ahead so you don’t end up kicked out during a photoshoot.

Get a friend or family member to be an extra pair of hands.

Sometimes, kids don’t want to smile for photoshoots. In other cases, some family members might feel overwhelmed or shy. To manage all the moving parts, consider reaching out to a close friend or an extended family member for help. Whether you need someone to:

  • hold all of the bags
  • help you maneuver the kids
  • make silly faces to make the kids laugh

it’s really helpful to have some extra support on the premises. Even if it’s just for moral support, ask someone you trust to help out on the day of the photoshoot.

If you want the best family photos, it’s also important to remember to go with the flow. Don’t worry if your daughter’s bow isn’t perfectly in place or if the dog accidentally falls asleep during the photoshoot. Those imperfect moments are actually the gems you’ll hold onto in the long run. Do your best to embrace the moment, enjoy your family and use these tips as you all have an amazing time.

Author Bio: Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.

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