5 Tips So You Can Start The New Year Off Right

It happens every year. As the fall months fade into the darker days of winter, people search for a chance at renewal. For many, this manifests in New Year’s resolutions: statements of intent that, unfortunately, are often long forgotten by the time Spring arrives on the scene. That doesn’t have to be your reality this year, though. Let’s help each other start the new year off right.

start the new year off right

5 helpful tips to help start the new year off right

Following these five tips can help you make your resolution stick — this year and beyond — so you can start the new year off on the right foot.

Take Steps To Improve Your Health

Give yourself the best chance of success by taking steps toward a healthier you this year. That means tackling any preexisting conditions and getting them under control. Even if you are healthy, it is still a good idea to schedule an annual physical with your doctor and have some basic lab tests run to check things like your lipids and blood sugar. Your diet also plays a role in overall health. Aim for a balanced diet that focuses on plant-sourced whole foods for the best results.

That doesn’t mean you have to switch to a vegan lifestyle; it just means that most of your foods should come from plant sources. Nuts, whole grains, beans and legumes are all great choices, but feel free to add lean meats, fatty fish and dairy products, too. A high-quality supplement like those from Power Life can help cover any deficiencies and improve digestion. Why does digestion matter? It turns out gut health is closely linked to a host of other health metrics, including the body’s immune response and ability to regulate blood sugar.

Establish Your Priorities

This is something that you absolutely must do for yourself. After all, no one else can tell you what is important in your life. Establishing a list of priorities puts you in control of your own happiness by giving you a manual for decision making. It can also help you avoid trivial things that sap your time, energy and joy. Once you’ve uncovered what matters most to you, learn a few strategies for setting priorities each day. Then, follow through with the one that most appeals to you.

Seek Out Balance and Moderation

Going after a goal is admirable, but there is an amazing amount of power in balance. Take a cue from nature, which will always seek out a balanced state, left to its own devices. It turns out, finding balance in life often comes down to practicing self-care and working through those high-priority items. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercising, and spending time with friends and loved ones. Instead of overburdening yourself with mundane or frivolous tasks, schedule an activity you really enjoy.

Plan for Success

If you really want to make a positive change in your life, you will need to establish a game plan. Learn how to set SMART goals that move you closer to your objective. Then work carefully to accomplish each item on the list. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet one particular goal; you can’t succeed every single time. However, you shouldn’t allow a small setback to derail your large plans. Take what knowledge and insight you can from the experience and apply it to other objectives in front of you. Keep in mind that planning for success is not enough; you also must prepare for the time when you achieve your goals.

Focus on the Positive

There are so many benefits to maintaining a positive mindset — think fewer colds, increased personal satisfaction and a longer life span — that you are sure to see changes for the better by adopting this strategy. Saying you want to be positive doesn’t make it magically happen, though. It can take a lot of work and patience, including yourself, to achieve. Surrounding yourself with positive people, maintaining a sense of humor and intentionally practicing gratitude are all great ways to stay positive that virtually anyone can employ.

By establishing your priorities, maintaining your health and striving toward balance and a positive mindset, you can start the new year off right.

About the Writer: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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